One hit kill! The front of the all-year premature poster is coming true, the home killing Ulsan is expected to defend again

Entering the 2021 season, the northern modern car is four times Lionel messi Jersey in various events and the modern, the record is 2 flat, 2, no one more professionals. The second round of this battle group on November 6 will undoubtedly be a decisive battle in the season in advance this season. In order to give yourself, the front of the game has made a “special version of the poster” “a hit and kill”, hoping to give yourself a good color head, did not expect this poster to be true. In this “modern Derby” on November 6, the northern modern cars led to the finals of the last second in the injury, and did the procurement of the top one second in the injury, and won this key victory. And this victory, the gap between the two sides has been expanded to 3 points, and the north is dominant and the points are dominant, defending the day.

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Poster prophecy

The content of this “one hit kill” published in the North is two swordsmen in the ancient Korean era, a green dress (representing the whole north), a blue dress (representing Utasi), the greenery in the poster The knife ends, and the Blue Swordsman is the head down (meaning is hit). This poster also shows the determination to win the competition in the North. At the beginning of this game, the northern modernity launched an offensive, and the modern Mbappé Jersey counterattack of Ulsan is also very sharp. The competition first gets the goal is the whole north, the 23rd minute, all the north to open the position, the Sanshan Gate will take a mistake of Zhao Xianyou, and it is easy to kick the empty door, 1-0!


But 14 minutes later, the modernization of Ulsan has equalized the score, and Lin Zongzhen completed the door to complete the door, the end of the half, and the two parties were 1-1. Just like two swordsmen in the poster, you come to me, flat autumn.

Lin Zongzi

Enter the second half, the whole north of the modern car master, the Pharaoh and Wen Xuan people have changed the Han Dynasty and the Matsuya, this change in the strengthening of the breakthrough attack, and soon played the results. In the 64th minute, the whole north front field played, and the modern defenders of Ulsan were contracted in the disabled zone, leaking off the midfielders in the periphery in the text, the latter telematies, 2-1! The North is again leading again.

Liu is in the words

And the modern natural is not vegetarian. Li Dongjun on the second half, frequently used the speed to make trouble, the 77th minute, the modern positioning ball of Ulsan, Li Dongjun grabbed the Song Fangen hit together, Li Qinglong rejected the empty door to enter the net, 2-2! The two sides will return to the same run.

Li Qinglong once again equal

The last moment of the competition, the results of all the modern cars and Ulsan modern cars and the results of the two sides unrequited attacks. The north has also replaced the center Yulinko, trying to last. After Li Dongjun wasted a single holiday chance, I won a chance to kill. At the time of the injury stop, Bonbia Yuru left to the penalty area, the Yuli Zhongwei missed top, and the Ilifuko fish leapheads on the ground, let the Korean National Gate Zhao Xianyou’s third demonstration. This goal also announced the end of the game. The last second of the competition, the whole north realized the “one hit must kill” in the poster, got the key three points, and thoroughly Football Shirts Wholesalemastered the initiative of the crown.

Yulinko completed the killing

On the point list, the northern modern cars ranked 70 points, leading the second place in the modern 3rds of Ulsan. The number of goals across the north is 35:59 from 65:59. The race rules of the Korean K1 League are the same as the number of goals. Even if the three games in the north, the top three wins, the top count, once the number of goals in Ulsan can not exceed Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the whole north, and can only look at all North defending success. However, the football world is full of dramatic, in 2019, Ulsan Hyundai leads a 3rd pointers in the northern modern cars at the end of the year, and it will win the championship at home 1-4. The northern modern car is 1-0 to defeat the Jiangyuan FC, and the counterattack will win. Is there a similar situation after 2 years? Nothing is Impossible!

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