On June 17, Beijing time, the US duty wander alliance will fight 15 games, Metropolitan 3-4 红 雀, 金 莺 6-8 red socks, red people 11-3 visitors, Marin fish 4-5 pirates, rays 6-5 Angel, Tiger 0-8 Indians, Warriors 15-1 Philadelres, https://www.mlbdrakterno.com National 15-5 Rail Snake, Shuangcheng 6-8 Royal, White Socks 3-10 Yangji, Space Man 0-12 Blue Bird, Rocky 13-14 priests, giants 3-5 winemare, sports home 3-6 sailors, Dodge 3-2 bear.Spaceman 0-12 blue birdMetropolis 3-4 SapphireGold Schmidt’s first game arrested Valgas’s red mid-speed ball, and the red ramp was 2-0.After the metropolis, they followed the proportion, first, the first half of the Davis in the middle of the Davis, sent back to Smith, the third bureau, and the three consecutive bangs, they will win two points, three games After the end, 3-2 leads. The red tones are also soon chasing the score, and there is no one out of the situation. Although Molina can only hit the double kill, it is also enough to Schmited to the home base score.The Eighth Bureau of the Palch is the victory. In the face https://www.maillotspascherfr.com of the weak cowshed, Paul Delong hits the 13th Batters of the personal season, and the final column will win.Jinyi 6-8 socksUntil the first half of the eighth games, the red socks are only 2-1 lead, but the second half of the eighth bureau of Jinyu has been two points, and the score is over. The first half of the ninth game, the two bases of the red socks Ernande hit a personal season, the first bombardment of the individual season, the score, the two sides warned to 3-3 flat, and the game came to extend the game.The 10th game of Red Socks is half a half, Drescher also hits a home run, the golden is not willing, and the short half of the ten games, they have hit two support by Wilkson and Mansini. Baseball, get 3 points, but as Severino rolls the earth, they still live at home 6-8.Red people 11-3 visitorsIn https://www.maillotsenligne.com the first game of the autumn, I hit a home run, but the second half of the second half will even make 30%, chase and reverse the score. The two divisions of the third bureau of Penz will once again flatten the score.The next game is a red body. The second half of the fourth game hits two two-point guns to get 4 points, and the fifth bureau has been connected in series, and they got 3 points, and finally they will be 11-3. The score defeated the rider.Marin 4-5 pirateThe fourth half of the Maruli Fourth Bureau got 4 points, including a three-point gun in Ramirez, 4-2 reverse score.However, the pirate is more powerful, and 5-4 reversed the game. Bell hit the victory of peace in this season.Ray 6-5 AngelPophangs’s first game hit his career 2021 points, helping the angels lead, but the Rovi, Rovi, immediately used the Yangchun, and chased scores.The second half of the ray is appended from the second half, and the leading 3-1 is leading, but the tough angel will quickly chase again.The second half of the ray will be more than the score, and the score is the Tommy-Moni-Fan who hits the home. The eighth bureau has added two points of insurance, although the Turlit Ninth Bureau hits a two-point gun, but the end angel is still a boss of passenger farm.Tiger 0-8 IndiansAfter the first game of Chapney hit the second base with 1 point, the third party hit a two-point gun to help the Indians received a 4-0 lead. Melkado Third Bureau also hit the anaba, the fourth bureau and the sixth game, and he also hit the play with some points.Finally, with the single 3 points of Shanzi, Melkado, and the Ballare, the Indians came 8-0 victory, and they will welcome the return of Clay Wenjie.Warrior 15-1 PhiladelphiansThe first game of the Warriors achieved 3-0 leaders, Donalson’s third game added a two-point gun and expanded the score to 5-0.With the 10-1 score to enter the seventh game, the warrior continued to append harm, F Wales, and Akunia also hit the home base, and finally the Warriors at home 15-1 defeated them the strongest in Guodong District. The opponent.National 15-5 snakeMarty’s home run helps the snake away from the snake away, but the nationals immediately got 3 points to grasp the score. Five or two bureaus, Suzuki Qing and Lennden have all hit a home run to help the people expand their leading advantages. 15-3 Leading nationals have lost two points in the top half of the nine games, but they do not hinder their final 15-5 to achieve a big victory.Shuangcheng 6-8 RoyalRoyal is played in series, and the second game has been connected to 3 points and leads leading. After the second half of the fourth place in the Shuangcheng chased two points, the first half of the royal seventh game made the competition back to three points.The Cruz’s home run again, and the next half of the royal is once again hitting the play, the upper half of the eighth game is over, the score is 8-3. Since then, although the double city recovered 3 points, it also helily, the Royal 8-6 ??won.White socks 3-10 YangjiAbreau’s first battles, Papston, and the home of Bai Soxicom.In the third bureau, the overall situation of Gardea hits the hit, helping Yang Jie first overcharge score. It was then a continuous 3 security play, and this half-game rare finally got 5 points.5-1 leading Yangji is in the next six and a half, there are four scores, and finally they hosted 10-3 big wins.Spaceman 0-12 blue birdGuriel 5 games returned 4 points, including a two-point gun.After the spaceman put forward pitcher Pikick, the sixth bureau is an overall situation. After the Garvesters three-year gun, Ernan Des made a three-point gun, and the Bluebird single bureau received 7 points. In the first half of the ninth game, the Ernando single field twist scores were locked as 12-0, and the blue bird got a big victory.Rocky 13-14 priestThe two sides gave you a fight against a fight. The priests have achieved 3-0 leaders, and Lunfa hit the 22nd project of the individual season. However, Luoqui immediately won six points in color, and 7 of the Single Bureau 7, and Stori contributed two numbers in the first game.The priest has received two points in half horses to reduce the score to 1 division, but Rocky immediately 3 points, and the score is 9-5.At the end of the six games, Luoki 13-8 leaded, it looks great, but the priest team launched the final counterattack at this time, and their seventh game received 2 points, and Lunfus completed a single ring in this half. .In the first half of the ninth game, Garcia’s three-game launched score, the spending of the players, Straam, the Pitcher, Strim, selected, the priest 14-13, the second half, the second half, the priest Terminator Come on three strokes in three, and got the 24th rescue list of the personal season.Giants 3-5 winemakerGranadar and Gamel have repeated 1 point in the first bureau, and the winemaker is 2-0, but the second half of the giant will be flattened, and the pitcher Samasiya is I retrieve myself.After that, Jereg’s Anwa once again let the winemaker beyond the score, Tymz and Agah’s home runs, and add insurance points, and the final winemaker will win with 5-3.Sports 3-6 SailorThe home base hits Wang Davis second game to hit the home run, plus Grosman’s right time, and the homeowner is 2-0 lead.The Schimist’s Smith Third Bureau will share the score, but Lauren’s home base will make the sight of the fourth game once again https://www.fanbutikk.com beyond.The eighth game of the competition, Hig hit the hits, first helping the sailor 4-3 against the score, then the semaphore will add two points, and the final sailor will win 6-3.Dodge 3-2 bearIn the second half of the first game, Mangsi is selected to be guaranteed, and the Dodge 1-0 is leading.In the upper half of the sixth game, the bears rely on a continuous security series to obtain two points and anti-super scores. Belinjama hits the score with the home base. In the second half of the eighth game, Martinian hit Taylor to help the tags, and finally won the score of 3-2.