Official! Beijing team super foreign aid completed the CBA registration team officially entered the crown mode

Beijing team foreign aid Lin Shuhao completed CBA registration

According to CBA’s foreign aid registration notice, Beijing team super foreign aid Lin Shuhao has completed the CBA player registration. In the next, he will wear the No. 7 jersey on behalf of the Beijing team to participate in the next CBA League. In the CBA League 2019-2020 season, Lin Shuhao has played a season in the Beijing team, helping the Beijing team broke into the top four in the playoffs, in the semi-final, the Beijing team regretted to the Guangdong team, thus missed the CBA championship .

Lin Shuhao’s first CBA season, he played 43 games on behalf of the Beijing team, averaging 22.4 points 5.6 rebound 5.6 Assistant 1.9 steal data, became the backfield of the Beijing team. However, last season, Lin Shuhao did not complete the renewal with the Beijing team, because he wanted to get a NBA contract, I want to continue playing in the NBA league, so he joined the NBA Development Alliance Santa Cruz Warrior, but Lin Shuhao The effort did not get favored by the NBA team. In the end, Lin Shuhao returned to the Beijing team and returned to the CBA league.

Rain back to Beijing team roads

In fact, Lin Shuhao has reached an agreement with the Beijing team early in the CBA-break stage. At the same time, he also came to China early, preparing to participate in the first phase of the CBA League, but because he infected new crown, this caused him to Do not accept treatment, and have to carry out long-term isolation, plus his back is injured, which leads him directly to the first phase of the CBA League.

In the last stage of the CBA League, Lin Shuhao and Beijing team will meet, the team in order to give him more time to nurture the body, there is no signature for Lin Shuhao. In the end, the Beijing team participated in the first CBA first The stage of the stage. It can be seen that Lin Shuhao returns to the Beijing team to play, and it has experienced a lot of bumps. In order to better entered the team, after the first phase of the CBA, Lin Shuhao did not rest more, but it was concatied with the team early, retrieved his own game as soon as possible, and can be in the second phase of CBA. Have a good play.

Beijing team opened the crown mode

After the complete CBA player registered, he was also very happy, and it was specially in the personal network platform. He also said that he fined itself. It turned out that he was in the first CBA season, because in violation of the problem of CBA’s dress, 550,000 was punished by CBA. According to the requirements of CBA, Lin Shuhao must pay a fine to get the CBA League.

Of course, with the return of Lin Shuhao, the Beijing team is also officially announced to open the CBA League’s crown model. At the beginning of the league, the team leader of the Beijing team, Xiao Xiaochuan, clearly said that this season is going to compete for the CBA championship, he is very convinced that Lin Shuhao’s ability will bring a lot of help to the team.

At present, the Beijing team has 8 wins and 5 losses, 61.5% winning rate, ranked 9th in the CBA standings, although the first stage ranking is not good, but the Beijing team once gathered 24 points, The Zhejiang team who defeated the limelight, which is also a hope of seeing the Beijing team. Now, with the arrival of Lin Shuhao, it will solve the problem of insufficient Beijing team, and improve the overall strength of the team. It is undeniable that the Beijing team
owned by Lin Shuhao will become one of the popular teams of CBA.