October 12-13, 2019, MLB Experience Baseball Carnival, sponsored by the American Professional Baseball Great https://www.mlbdrakterno.com League, held in Baoshan Tianjie, Longhu, Shanghai, China.This year’s comprehensive upgrade MLB EXPERIENCE Baseball Carnival combines several baseballs, interactive https://www.trikotskaufenn.com entertainment, baseball street dance challenges and e-sports, across Chongqing, Chengdu, Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai National 7 cities.Shanghai station is the terminus of this year’s national road show, at the same time, MLB landed China’s first electric gaming league finals came to an end. 8 gaming club, 16 players after nearly three months of competition, the final high Jinghua New York Yankees fans gaming clan to become champion, while clinch the championship trophy also received 2019MLB eSports League home run king awards . Qi Dong (second from right), Managing Director of China, MLB, Rick Dell MLB baseball general manager Asia Pacific https://www.b2bshopp.com region (from right), MLB, director of business development in China Li Xin (left) attended the day’s activities.Since 2007 officially entered the Chinese https://www.mlbboutique2.com market, MLB US Major League Baseball and gradually establish education as the core of baseball development system, it has in Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing three MLB baseball established development centers in China to take “Combination “the new model train Chinese youth baseball excellence. So far, MLB Baseball Development Center has supplied a total of seven Chinese players to the US baseball team: Xugui Yuan (Baltimore Orioles), Palace into the sea (Pittsburgh Pirates), Rigzin Jampa (Boston Red Sox), Wang Yang (Philadelphia Phillies), Zhao Lun (Milwaukee Brewers), Ekin (Milwaukee Brewers), Kou Yongkang (Milwaukee Brewers).MLB Baseball Development Center outstanding https://www.mlbtrojerse.com graduates, currently playing for the US baseball club Milwaukee Brewers and Philadelphia Phillies club of Chinese players Kou Yongkang (left), Wang Yang (right) also take advantage of the offseason came to the scene to help out. Veteran gaming club NEWBEE, upstart gaming club RW’s and women’s Gaming Club KA have sent a team in the popular electric campaign hand came to visit the set the scene for the finals Come play Call!With young people, professional baseball player and the club’s electric campaign hand they hit it off, playing baseball, playing MLB The Show 19, the exchange of skills from the experience. Two different professional sports field, because baseball carnival, because gaming league, because these young people to achieve a “seamless.”Wang Yang, who is within an infielder, because of a clever https://www.mlbtrikot4.com opportunity to let the coach discovered his talent as a catcher. “As a catcher need to be very calm, have a strong bigger picture, adjust the pitcher state to meet the next hitter.” Came to a new team, there will not meet a little early, but for Kou Yongkang, the find a friend is the most fortunate. “Concentrate fully in the league the team is relying on consciousness, we are very strong, know what they need to improve.”The carnival scene including MINI PITCH baseball field, ace pitcher, VR home run, baseball museum, play strong attack and other activities. “VR home run contest, with respect to the reality slightly different, but played well.” Wang Yang said. “Combating cage (slugger hit) the ball fast, but Qiulu quite tricky.” Kou Yongkang strike action after entering the Brewers made some changes to improve the accuracy https://www.fanartikelsportde.com and intensity of combat. “Measure ball speed (ace) feel the uncertainty, I think I can throw 170 (km)”, Wang Yang said the joke. After the experience we see the ball really quickly Wang Yang, a catcher’s arm strength to boast.Do not think only professional electric campaign hand “Keyboard Hero”, playing baseball to 6 also have to take off! Simple teaching, “strong play attack”, “ace” and other carnival started playing baseball experience project will have a kind of mold. KA’s “Mulan army” is becoming the focus of the scene, several different players though temperament style, but the same color value is explosive. Uniforms behind golden angel wings and “Killer Angel” embroidered team name, these people can not be underestimated sister. Because in the subsequent gaming exhibition homer, but they “shot Henla”, a play https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Bianxiang male athletes who left behind the “life and death bearish, refused to accept it dry!” Relentless.Message as the world’s most famous professional baseball league, one of the four major North American professional sports league, MLB will conduct gaming league in China has been issued, it caused major concern gaming clubs and the media. During the three-month nationwide roadshows and gaming league, well-known gaming commentary Pei excellent, freesia, the country’s top gaming club LGD, eStar and other clubs have been under way by the online or offline for refueling Gaming League fight CALL, let more people know and understand baseball.Young people gathered here, happy to play baseball, not exactly MLB baseball carnival organized by one of the purposes of it? 2019, MLB introduced a number of market action, to https://www.fanartikelsportde.com embrace young people in China. The Fiesta as a core vehicle activities in these markets is also a comprehensive upgrade. In addition to the new scouting report planned fusion test and basic skills of baseball in the road show, the new eSports League MLB carried out also assigned to them.At the same time, the well-known hip-hop dancer Yang Wenhao launched “MLB Player” Baseball Challenge X hip-hop station also Chongqing and Beijing staged the conference finals and finals. A wealth of activities that the entire Carnival became a baseball themed entertainment carnival. Sports, hip-hop, gaming, trendsetters …… no matter how much you are Road Leverage youth, there is always a lie you.The managing director of MLB Qi Dong of China during live interview, also said: “The 2019 carnival for MLB is a new attempt, we https://www.maillotspascherfr.com added a lot of young people like gaming, hip-hop, fashion elements, let roadshow has become more abundant and tension; the same time together with the integration of communication line, speeds up the promotion of baseball and baseball culture among young people in different areas of baseball is a very attractive sport, I believe a lot of people after the contact will fall in love with it. so, we need to do is to build as large a baseball entertainment ecosystem, so that more people can easily be accessed from different sources to baseball, love baseball. “