NFL November 8th Competition Summary: Crow plus Time Sheng Weijing Bill is not enemy America Tiger

On November 8th, Beijing time, NFL2021 sects in the 9th week of regular season.Today, there are 12 games to start, how is the battle of the game?Let’s take a look!

Las Vegas raid 16-23 New York Giants

Giant angular ward of Zaville – McKini is very big!In the second half, he just started to copy DRIK Carl, staged a 41-yard copy of the copy, and then then took Carl.In addition to this giant quartz, Daniel-Jones, Evan Ingram, completes 30 yards, playing the three free kicks, which is all the fractal combinations of the giants.Although Bakley was injured in the wrong battle, the front raid player De Feng Tower, Bak, was rushed to 99 yards, and then left because the hips were injured.

Atlantan Falcon 27-25 New Orleans Saints

In the last minute of the game, Matt Ryne Co-Lord-Patrien completed the 64-yard advancement, and the next English collapsed 29 yards did not kill the game. Ryan passed 343 yards in the audience, and it was doubled between the Olamide – Zamau, and completed a mushroom. At the fourth quarter, 10 minutes left, Lan’s second pass reaches the falcon with 24-6. Then the 8 yards of Trevon-Simiian’s 8 yards, Kenny Steilda, let Saint rescled, and the two teams have been hitting the final.

Houston Texas 9-17 Miami Dolphin

The dolphins are very bad, but the results are ideal. Today, in the five years of NFL, there is a chance of mistakes. The original first quartz, the front of the front, Jakiber Brisette, is due, he passed 244 yards after debut, 1 time reached 2 times Chat. This is the competition between two 1 wins and 7 negative teams, and both parties are seven losses. The two teams added a total of 9 mistakes, and the Dolphins were 5 times, and they were largely larger. This is the first time in the event of 5 mistakes since 1990, the result of five mistakes before, and 0 wins and 21 negative.

Buffalo 6-9 Jacksonville American Tiger

? ? ? I believe that after seeing the results and scores, many small partners are as questioning with me. But there is no doubt that Jacksonville has better Jack Allen in the game, this excellent line guard has completed a copy of the Si Swan, Allen, and 1 time, and Grab the ball. The star quadruption of the Buffalo has three mistakes, and 264 yards are promoted in 47 pass 31. 6-9, this means that both parties are more excellent in playing players than those who fight.

Cleveland 41-16 Cincinnati Tiger

Becco “left” Brown’s first game, Brown ran out the best performance season. The four-point Wei Mefield has advanced 218 yards in a simple and practical pass 216, and it has achieved two times. Running the Nik – Scrub 137 yards, and also harvested twice. There is also a corner Danzel-Ward, staged a 99-yard copy of the copy, and the stunned four. On the other hand, the tiger quartz Wei Qiao-Bolo sent a 2nd copy, and it was also lost 5 times. The team was defeated by Brown.

New England Patriot 24-6 Carolina Black Panther

“Full Class” Jones broomned two mistakes, passing 139 yards and got up to help patriots defeated the Black Leopard. In the defensive end, the patriot has a copy of Sam Dord 3, including the copy of the king J. C. Jackson completed two copy, and staged a 88 yard copy and attack. Even if it is absent five games, McAfrey, the injury, the victory, can not help the black panther attack, he has reached 106 yards today. Gilmo did not leave the old people, but also completed 1 copy, but the black panther did not live.

Baltimore 34-31 Minnesota Viking

The crow hit the overtime game with the people, leaned by the last 16 seconds of the overtime game, and the crow defeated Viking. Jackson today has been 3 times 3 times, and 21 shots in the pavement attack have advanced 120 yards, which can be described as exhaustive. The crow reforms the flag drum in the case of 14 points behind the third quarter, and the first attack of the overtime game was taken by Anthony – Balchat. Viking always likes to hit the last moment, interesting is that they lost 5 games, and the final division is within 7.

Denver Wild Horse 30-16 Dallas Cowboy

It is also a cold door, Jonathan-Cooper and the wild horse defensive group Family Resorts – Prescot, although the data only planted two killing two times, but in fact, his contribution is much more than this . The final score did not reflect the advantages of the wild horse. In fact, the wild horses seized the cowboy in the top three, the latter got 16 points in the fourth quasi-junk time. Prescot was returned after a week after a week, but he could not bring the team. Today’s hit rate is less than 50%, and the last time two reaches no persuasion.

Arizona Red Tit 31-17 San Francisco 49 people

The red rickets still completed the 49 people in the case of the first quartz, Murray, External Green, and A.j. Green. Run James – Connect 21 times a shower promoted 96 yards, got twice to reach the ball, and 5 battles were pushed into 77 yards and 1 time. Replacement quadritimeter Calt-McCooe is not good, and 249 yards have been promoted in 26. The 49-year-old season is full of four battles at home, and Gallopolo can pass 2nd to 1 time, and encounter 5 kills.

Kansas City Chief 13-7 Green Bay Packaging

The chieftain is ruthlessly defeated by the package and Jordan-Le, the latter replaces Alon Rogers, the first quarter-sanctuary, the first battle does not come out. The 190 yards were promoted in Leff 34 pass 19, and there were 1 set of arrivals and 1 case. The packaging worker team has been strive to restrict the score of the chief in 15, and the offensive group is always not strong. The two teams did not play the desired level, and the chiefs led by Mahms were the same, they had failed in the second half.

Los Angeles Lightning 27-24 Philadelphia Eagle

Lightning quartz Jansin Herbert faces the eagle tough defensive group, is perfect, one person has a team of all the teams, including twice to Deta and 1 shinkle. At the last moment of the competition, Dastin Hopkins completed 29 yards, and the sputum was killed. Herbert has advanced 356 yards in 38 pass, which is the fifth of this season, the fifth of the fifth, more than 80% of the hit rate. The eagle is actually coming back with lightning, and their pavement attack has advanced 173 yards, but in the end, it is still a loss.