NFL is another four-point guard, the wind city spread, Turbusi shoulder injured

September 30 (Wen / ESPN JEFF Dickerson Compile / Big White) Chicago Bear 4-point Wei Mi Trubisky Mitchell Trubisky, in today’s first left shoulder injured in the Big Nnemida, Before the end of the competition, the team had judged that the Trobeski injury was not light, so he would not participate in the rest of the game.

The first game has just begun, Tusbuski faces 3 file 4-yard transitions in the 43 yards of this part, seeing the pocket quickly broke through, and Tusbuski quickly judged to the left. At this time, the two Viking defenders have killed his body, Trousbuski has been chasing the Danielle Hunter, who has been caught by a defensive player, hugs the calf, and then The Rubski body fell very much. This time, I also created the ball, Eventon Griffen grabbed the right. However, this wave of defensive, Viking security Wei’an, Anthony Harris, was sentenced to a foul, and the ball was also given to the bear team.

The Blue small tent to the field immediately after Turbuski was injured, and then was taken back to the dressing room to receive further examination. In the remaining competitions in the first section, experienced old will replace the Trusterski, and connect to Tarik Cohen (Tarik Cohen). Reach.

This season, Tusbuski has tried 103 passes to complete 67 times, advanced 579 yards, got three times to be copied twice, and he missed six regular games in the first two years of his career. As a 2017 elected conference, Tusbeski sucked Mike Glennong in the fifth week, last year, because the right shoulder injury missed two games. This Turbusi was injured and shoulders, but it became left.

Last season, Tusbuski performance is good in Matt-Naji’s new offensive system, promoting 3223 yards, obtaining 24 times of 12 times of copying, passing the ball score into 95.4 points. The bear team won 12 wins and 4 losses under his lenders, and since the first time I won the first in the United States in the United States since 2010.

However, the Turbys foundation was very difficult. After the first week of the green bay packaging workers and the second week, Tusbuski finally rebounded last week, and finally rebounded. There is a 231 yard, only three times this year is also taken in this game. Today, I advance 9 yards in Tusbuski 3 passed before injury.

The bear relief four points satellitant Daniel last year, Turbuski, and the 76-pass 53 promoted 515 yards, 3 reached 2 times was copied. The 32-year-old player entered the league to play 62 games, and the bear team got 3 wins and 1 loss. He has played a two-year contract in the Kansas City chief, and in 2018, he signed a two-year contract, which got $ 60,000 in the first year, and got $ 6 million in the second year. One of the assassins.