Newton head is injured early, a precedent, playing method is the curse.

In the game of the Calorina Black Panther team against the New England Patriots, the scenes of Kumh Buffton leaped the people of the man felt creepy. At that time, the Newton was turned around, and the body flipped 180 degrees. When his head was landed, his cervical spine was distorted to an extremely horrible angle, and then the head was even smashed to his shoulder, and the helmet brought in Newton slipped in his eyes. On, his eyes have a short blindness.

Newton is sitting on the ground

Newton is sitting on the ground

When the medical examination is under medical examination in Camb Newton, the quarter-saving looks very bad. This reminded the 2016 season, Newton in the game against the Atlantian falcon, in order to complete a two-point conversion, the ball was desperately hit the ball in front of the zone, but he was re-hitting the helmet to fall in the spot, when the hurdle M – Newton was diagnosed with the brain shock, therefore missed the next game.

This time, the Newton’s head looks like a falling, but he is very fortunate, because after a detailed examination, he did not have a symptom of brain volatility, but it will become a bitter pain in Newton’s career. Lessons. In the past two years, Newton has been hit by the opponent because of the drums of the squad, but he has suffered a whisper, but Newton has completely controlled his legs, even though the black panther is very hoping that he can be in the attack. Reduce the ball, Kam – Newton also realized his own problems, he refers to his own mushroom capabilities.

“My way to play, from a lot of respect, I can say that it is my talent, but now, this kind of play has become my curse in many times.” In this stage of competition, Caman Newton After the end, I screamed a few dirty words on the field to express my anger in my heart. When Newton faces the pressure, he basically wanted to solve the problem with the ball, which is like his instinct, but there is such a horrific situation Newton’s heart is inevitably blunt, as he said, the rushing ball seems to be a curse, always let him fall into such a danger. But in fact, Newton’s ideas are very simple. He is always willing to win the game at all costs, even the appearance is true. Newton’s idea is to break the rival’s line to get more code.

But Newton’s desperate play is really no necessary, because the preseason game does not have any meaning of the team in addition to training. Newton’s amazing physical fitness and exercise ability are his talents, only more clever use, not so that this talent will become curse. Under the guidance of the four-dimensional coach Steve Turner, Newton has been clearly changed, and he makes his own running ability a auxiliary tool for passing the ball. During the previous career of Newton, his pass success rate was only 58.5%. He often gave up his favorite forward, and in the three presections so far, Newton learned to observe in the run. Then pass the player with space, now his pass success rate is 68.4%, which is very amazing.

In the presenter of the patriots, he used his head to drop, and the Krisi-McCarre-McCarre has a lot of empty gear, if he passed the ball to McCarre, then The black panther will get a large number of propulsion, which is also a point in Newton’s disease. He is too confident about his legs, so Newton is sometimes advisable to adventure, and he is not willing to pass the ball. Newton still needs to change his four-point guard. The real elite quarter-saving will be good at combining his own advantages, just like the four-point Wei Tha-Braddy, the patriot, he will choose in any situation. Passing, avoiding physical contact is why he still maintained at the top of NFL at 41. Newton must understand this, only more pass, to avoid your talents eventually become a curse.

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