Nearly 5 games, average of 26.2 + 9 + 9! True hit is 60%! Lakers do not solve this 1 point, not far away

These two days have a focus battle that is released, and the type of theme is revenge.

The first thing to return is the Lakers and Pistons, which is well known that the next two teams have played some collisions because James and Stewart have created some collisions when they were punished.

I once happened three potential scenes. This back to the Los Angeles two teams have once again handed over, and the topics they have produced will also rush into the peak.

At this time, the Lakers have once received the difference nearly 20 points, but it is a lake, and the lead will still give fans to the fans.

110: 106, there is a thrilling Lakers who have won the victory of this game, maybe there is a fan and think that there will be a flash spark on both sides.

Take a well-known commentator’s teacher: “All this is still going back to the basketball itself. In the second half, we even forgot the fight, the parties of the incident are very mature, this is professional.”

Talk to Wei, as the last battle, actively brought to James, at the time of the brothers, you can always believe Brook.

However, the basketball player is present, so you have to talk to basketball, and the performance of this service is also very good:

37 minutes, 16 shots 10, three points 3, 1

In the nearly five games, Wei Shaoshang can take 26.2 points 9 rebounds 9 assists, shooting 51%, 36.4% of the three-point hit rate, and the real hit rate is 60.8%.

Wei Shao tends to stabilize, which is undoubtedly the Lakers’ fans want to see, but more want to see is the stability of Wei Shao, James and Davis can still maintain domination.

Now there is a lot of choices in the offensive of the Lakers, but there are 1 point of defects too obvious and fatal, that is, defense.

The field is lost to 114.1, and the alliance is only lower than the magic and gray bear. The defensive end seen on the field is the team facing the piston, which can get
100 points.

How to improve the defensive end? Howard’s positioning? There are too many too many they have to do.