Near three battles 34 + 8 + 7! Nearly five battles 26 + 9 + 9, the lakes are too good, and Wei Shaojing is stubborn

On November 29, Beijing time, today’s Lakers ushered in the challenge of the piston, because the conflict of James and Stewart, many fans also joked this game “unrequited high and life and death”, but general this situation, Lao Zhan They will be returned to the opponent. This is not today’s Lao Zhan’s 33 points and 5 rebounds 9 assists 2 steals 1 cover data, with the team to defeat the piston at 110-106, after winning, the Lakers’ record has also come 11 Win 11 negative.

Through the view of the recent game, James proves how many oils in his fuel tanks. In the nearly three games, he can win 34.8 points 8.7 rebound 5.4 assists, according to the present state, Lao Zhan is still old He is still the existence of the top five levels of the league, which is not good news for other eloquence of the Alliance, not good, and if the Lakers come up, James may re-enter the mvp discussion.

In fact, everyone has always worried about James’s problems, but the Qi Shao’s problem, after the start of the new season, Wei Sha will play very well without James, and James him is very struggling, but through In the recent game, Wei Shao seems to be adapted to play with James, and he also adapted to the new teammate, the Dai Shaochi has a 25-point 6 rebound 9 assists in 16 shots 10.

In the past five contestants, you can win 26.2 points 9 rebounds 9 assists data. To tell the truth, this is not the most comfortable place to make fans. The most comfortable place lover only 3.8 times in the past 5 venues. You will also think that this
assists will not look at it, look at Harden, 9.4 assists in this season, 5 inveracks, 8.1 Safe, 8.1 help, 8.1, 8 The performance is very good.

In the past two James games, Wei Shaoti had 6 mistakes, James’s more holding balls have reduced their mistakes, which also reduced the possibility of fighting against counter-attack, and the team offensive fell into a stagnation problem, thus Let Wei Shahong’s engine also played his role. After the past three game James, the Lakers totaled 2 wins and 1 loss, and one lost, three plus, from here, we can also see the current Lakers already Started to the right track.

They found the chemical reaction, and the brother did not have the dual engine’s outstanding play to make his data affected. The past 5 games were 25.6 points 8 rebound 3.8 Assistance 1.8 steals 2.4 The cover is very good. The three-core has already found a state. If the Lakers have killed the playoffs, they face this trielet, which team does not say that the can be willing to win, but the lake now is not perfect.

Their defensive is still not ideal. Today, in the case of 19 minutes of leading piston, the result was four points by the opponent, and the last week of the king, they also lead 13 points in the fourth quarter and chased it by the opponent. After that, the main reason for this problem now is that the team’s defensive ability is limited, James, Anthony is too old, Monk, Elington itself is not good at defense.

Perhaps waving to Aliza and Nagn return, the team’s defense has improved, today Walger he also talked about the team’s question after the game, he said that the team is still in the mill, in this game, he uses James
Playing 5, Anthony Trick 4 looks good, so he will continue to use it for a while, and he also said that Howard and Xiaordan can only last.

Use James 5, Anthony That 4, this practice is to make the team’s offensive space and speed, Woger is used to make up for the deficiencies of the defense, and there may now have a good effect, but this lineup is absolutely It will not be a desperate lineup of the Lakers and other teams. After all, the brother has not yet, I think Walgel needs to continue the test, and they are still a long way to go.

But now the three-core produces a chemical reaction is also a good news. It is said that this is what the current Lakers want to say? Welcome to the message discussion.