NBA – outbreak! Rockets 15-2 get leading, Thunder three points 21 in 2, Wood half 5 + 11

On November 30th, Beijing time, NBA regular season continued to start, and the Rockets held the thunder. The Rockets have been improved in the near future. After the end of the 15 game, they will welcome 2 consecutive victories. Thunder encounters 5 games. After the start of the competition, the two teams were not very good. Rockets occupied the wind in the outside, but the thunder was once in the second year, and then they were fell into the score, the Rockets 15-2 the offensive pull down points. Half a half of the 46-37 leads.

This game Rockets New Boardy Eye Jay-Green is still absent, Wal is not able to talk to the team, still will not play. This service, Salas continues the starting lineup, or small port, Gordon, Matthew, Tit and Wood.

After the start of the game, Wood outside the outside line took the lead in hitting three points, then the basket was also entered, the Thunder reached the deadlock by Dort, and the two teams were not very good. The rocket took the lead in finding the feeling, Woodnet bug, Tit into 2 + 1, the Thunder quickly chased the score, then the rocket outside finds the feel, Brooks and House have three points, gradually pull the difference. Afterwards, the Thunder also continued, continued to reduce the difference, with the pressure of the Pressor, the first quarter, the first quarter, the rocket 28-23 leading the Thunder.

The second game, the two teams attack the rhythm of the two teams, the rockets frequently disappeared, the outside line is connected to the iron; the Thunder seizes the opportunity, Robs three points, the two teams have been 28 flat, the rocket is 4 minutes a minute Be united. Suspend, Matthew finally hits three points in the outside, the rocket broke the scorpion, then Tit and Wood three points, this time the rocket is completely crazy, with the small ports, the rocket is played. 15-2 ‘s offensive tide. Thunder rely on the last time Alexander’s radiopes, breaking the scratches, half a game, the rocket 46-37 leads the Thunder.

After the end of the first half, the two teams dedicated a tie, the Thunder 46, the Rocket 50, the rocket can achieve a leading key is that the three points, 29 8, the Thunder is only 21 in 21. In addition, the Rockets play a wave 15-2 at the end of the half, and successfully pulls the score.

After half a game, the Thunder only rely on the pressure hill, got 12 points; the rocket was relying on Wood, get a 10-point 11 rebound 3 cap two pairs of data.