MLB28 daily expansion frequent red socks vs Luoki sadness strong team crossing the battle

Beijing time on August 28, 8:40, the Midwell Eastern Boston Red Sox Challenge the Coloradolo Squad of the Khals Stadium, which is the first game of the cross-alliance competition. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

The world contest championship last season, the wind is full https://www.mlbdrakterno.comof Boston Red Socks and the National Union, the Qiangda Square team, and the two teams that were optimistic about everyone before the beginning of the regular season, the last paragraph of the season is more sad. The Boston Red Socks team 70 wins and 62 losses in the United States of America, with. 530’s record in the third place, with 15 new NY NET team, and the Coloradoqui team is already 59 wins and 73 The bottom team, with the partitioned head-name Los Angeles Tao team. Don’t say that the two teams are quite forward, and the edges of the outer card are still far away.

[Game points]

The reddock team has recently been a win 3 losses in the last 10 games, and has just been victorious in the series of warfare teams in the San Diego priests in the Warring States, this season, the mediocrity of 34 wins in the home, but 3 6 wins 28 losses in the road. . The Rocky team has a lot of more than the recent winning, and is swept by the Red Squad, but the Rociji team generally has a good at home performance than 29 losses, 25 wins and 44 losses.

What can the reddock team continue to go through the way, or the Rociji team shows the home advantage? Although the wins of both parties may have no much relationship with the playoffs, but in this competition in the Huurs Stadium in the air, it is expected to be a very high smoke fire show competition.

[First, Pitcher]

Red Socks First Pointer: Rick Posol (11-10, self-blade Rate 5.49, three vibration 112 times, 42 cases, each game is orthy value 1.41)

The reddock team first pitched the pitcher Rick Posolo was the first round of the Detroit Tigers in 2007, the first round of the 27th, 20 years old, boarded the big alliance. In 2009, the new show 14 wins and 8 losses, the third place, the best new show valence, 2014, after the end of the season, gave the Boston Red Sox, 22 wins and 4 losses in 2016, win the best honor of the Pitcher . The contract of the Red Sox and Polylo will end after the 2019 season, and the annual salary of $ 2112.5 million.

This will be the second time Polylo’s second time in the Kurs, the first record is not very good. In 2011, only 3 games were shot out of 8 security knocks 9 points.

Luoji team first firing: Rico Garcia (0-0)

Luoji team’s first pitcher Riche Garcia is a rookie in the 2016 Luoji team 30 rounds. It will be the first time to go to the board in the big alliance.

[Focus Star]

The hit rate of the Red Sox and the Rocky team is not weak, and the hits in the Red Socks team’s strike rates in the alliance, and Rocky is also ranked fifth. The top 10 players in the Great League hits rankings have more than 30% of the Sapphire.