MLB20 Day Summary: Liu Xianzhen 31 Bureau is not lost to Dash Babo Bibo finished

Liu Xianzhen

Liu Xianzhen

On May 20th, Beijing time, 15 US professional baseball big league MLB regular competition fierce battle 15 games. Chavez’s home runs red socks, sustain space; Jiadener slammed the rays; Harper Kaifeng Flycé defeated Rocky; Bieber finished the Indian Indians to take Jinyu; heavy rain interrupted the sportsist defeated Tiger Liu Xianzhen 31 games are not lost to slightly taking the red person; AlCaltara finished Fengma Lin fish to defeat the most popular; Gamel 10 games hit a winemaker victorious warrior; Guarero’s open blue bird beat white socks; I will see the sacrifice of the sword; the Sanddovar 10 homes hit the giant to defeat the snake; the royal pitcher is defeated the angel; Musgrov is better to fight the priest; Enknazi 3 out the sailor defeated the double city The Rizuo home base playing the childhood victory.

Boston Red Sox 4-3 Houston Space Man

Sel Today, the first 5.1 bureau was hit by 4 suppliers and throw 3 points, so that 10 triple vibration. The spaceman first sent a 5-way 5 games that was hit by 3 points. The reddock cowswalker is the first to success. 1 The lower half of the red socks j.d.- Martinez rolls the earth, returned to Bates, and the red stockings were 1-0 leader. 2 The half spaceman Guriel relied on Sel’s explosion and ran back to the home score. 3 games in the middle of Coria knock out of the 2-point gun, the spaceman 3-1 leaded. 5 The next half of the red socks rookie Chavez opened, and after Bugatz Anchang hit Bates. 7 The second half of the Baboz is the second base to play back Bates, and finally the red stockings 4-3 beat the space people.

New York Yangji 13-5 Tampa Bay

The rays first sent Morton only voted 4 games to be hitted 4 to lose 5 points. 3 points. 1 The second half Yang team Moraleis is playing back Le Mei Yu, 2, half-ray, Kirma and Adams, respectively, 2-1 anti-ratios. 2 The second half Yang Bay team Gardner branched 2 points. 3 Local Semi-brightness knockdoors on the 3-point gun, and 5-3 leads. 4 The second half Yang Bieji team Hicks booked 2 out of the gun, and the two sides warned to 5-5 glasses. 6 The second half of the bureau is full of Based on the situation, Woit is selected to keep back to Gardner, then Morales is swayed back to Hicks. Subsequently, Torres, inner, returned to Woit, Estrada’s second base, and Jiadener made a second base, Yangji 12-5 leading. 7 The next half of the Holler is supposed to make a home run, and finally Yangji 13-5 great win.

Philadelphia Philadelres 7-5 Colorado

Philadelphians first sent an Kikhof 5, was hit by 4 to play 5 three vibration. Luoqui first sent Fritan only voted 1.2 bureaus was thrown 3 points. 1 The upper half of the bunker Bakemund took the lead in stabbling home, Rocky 1-0 lead, 2 steps in the next half, Meikachen, hit Franco and Jinjie, then Harper rolled back Gula. 4 games in the upper half of the Bikam Ma Khong knocked out the homes, 5 games on the top of Storley knocked out the Yangchun cannon, and the rocky team reversed the score. 6, half-McMama, tapping a home run, Lok, 5-3 leading. 6 The second half of Ruia Mouro 2 can be used back to the score, and then the Harper repaired a two-point gun, and the Philadelphie finally 7-5 defeated Rocky.

Cleveland Indians 10-0 Baltimore

Indians’ young pitcher Bieke today voted his career for the first time, and his 9 games were hit by 5 to lose 0 points, and there were 15 three vibrations. Jinyu First Lamrecrez 3.1 The bureau was hit 6 to lose 5 points. 1 The second half of the Santanana hit Lin Dol, then Gonzalez sacrificed back to Kitzis, Indians 2-0 lead. 2 The second half of the Indians Perez relies on the golden team to capture, 3 games, Santana knock out of the home, then Perez rolled back to Gonzalez. Indians 5-0 lead. 6 Half of Melka, Merka, and the two collars have returned to Martin, and then the Indian will receive 2 points. 7 The second half of the Salvan second base is played back to Martin and Melkado, and finally the Indians 10-0 wins.

Detroit Tiger 3-5 Auckland Sports Home (7 Board Interrupt)

Sports family first fed by Füls today 6 bureaus was hit 4 Anwind 3 points. 1 The second half of the tiger team Lugo sacrificed the Good Rum, then Casteranos used Philiye’s captive mistake score, Tiger 2-0 lead. The 3rd game, the Siben Sports Factory, Ximei An’an, the Sabee, hit Lauren, and then Ping Del sacrificeed to Simi An, Pisco Tiian hit Chapman. 3 The second half of the tiger team Casteranos Yangchun cannon horizontal score. 7 The upper half of the sports home Piscotti’s second base is played back to Pingdel Good Chapman. Then the game was in the game, and the referee stopped the game in advance. Sports home 5-3 defeated tiger.

Cincinnati Red Man 3-8 Los Angeles Daoqi

The big alliance is currently the hottest pitcher as a Korean Korean Liu Xianzhen. He was thrown 5-lived 0 to beat 5. The red man first, Luoyak 5, was thrown 2 points and lost 2 points. The 2nd game of the halfway wizards Verdouo returned to Siger, and the three games were half-pro-Peterson using red people to run back to the home score. 7 bureau’s half-channel Qi Belinjan bombard 2 points, 8 bureaus, half martin, bombarded the Yangchun cannon, 9 bureaus on the 16th game, leaning on the red people, and then have one point, then Wildu Ge two bases. Anate hit Mangxi and Turner. 9 The second half of the red team Pellaza and Ditrich homes hit 3 points.

Miami Manalin 3-0 New York Most

Marinfish President Alcantala faced the Metropolis “Thunder” Sindgard 9 bureau only beaten 2 security beats 0 lost, 8 times of three vibrations. Seddergard 7 bureau was hit by 5 to lose 2 points.

6 The second half of the Half macquard grandon’s double kill hit Erela, 7 bureaus, Lukekhas sacrificed, played back Walker, 8 games, halflandeson home, final Marin Fish 3-0 get victory.

Atlanta Warriors 2-3 Milwaukee Brewing Wine (extended 10 bureaus)

The winemaker first in Woodlla, who was hit by 5 amps. Head gets the victory. The Warriors first sent Fortanevitz 6 bureau to be hit by 3 to lose 2 points. 1 The bureau is on the semi-brewed people, Jelyce contributes the home, and the next half of the warriors Akunian home run. 5 bureaus on the semi-breached, Japanese players, Tu, Yangchun, 7 bureaus, the lower half of the warriors, the homes hit the score. 10 bureaus hit the Brewed people team Gameiers hit, the final winemaker 3-2 wins.

Chicago White Sox 2-5 Toronto Bluebird

Bluebird first parked Sandton 6 bureau was hit by 3 to lose 1 point, showing 4 times. White socks are 1 point by hitting 4 amps. Gilles won the 10th rescue success. 3 The Semi Blue Bird Team McKini’s home base is started, and the 4th game is half a white socks Abu Ruyu Earth returned to Monda. 6 bureau, half blue bird, white gold, Xiubi Guile, Reno, knocking out 2, blue bird 3-1 leading. 8 The next half white socks Abu Ruoyou second bases were played back to Tiersen. The 9th Bureau is on the half Blue Bird Team Jinchen, and the Blue Birds 5-3 will win.

Dezhou City 5-4 St. Louis Pass (extended 10 bureaus)

The swordsman first pioness 4 bureau was hit by 3 to play 2 points, and the saga of the Flahtti 6 bureau was hitting 4 answered 2 points. 1 The half of the semi-Luqus team Delong two-base is played back to Gord Schmidt and Badel. 1 The second half of the swing cavalry autumn is open, 4 bureaus, the second half of the cavalry team, Pens, second, hit, returned to Folies, two sides became 2-2 flat. 8 bureaus, the next half, the rider Santana, the home run, the rider 3-2 leads. 9 The half of the Half Railford Ford homer hits the score. The 10 games, the half of the queen, Delong sacrificed, and the soldiers were leading. The 10th Bureau, the lower half of the Tie sent the Terminator, Hicks, and the ride cavalry Karhnian hit Odor, then Mazara sacrificeed Santana, Texas ride 5-4 gas.

Kansas Royal 5-1 Los Angeles Angel

The Royal Pioneer 6 bureau was hit by a 5-day, and the angel first pentagas 5.2 bureau was hit by 6 to lose 4 points. The 3rd games, the half of the royal team, Mond Xi’an, hit Merfield, and then Doren Base is playing back Mondi and Lopez, Royal 3-0 lead. The second half of the 4th Bureau has returned to Calhn, and the six-game half-family team Owensan hit Gordon. The 9th game hit Hamilton sacrificed. Royal 5-1 defeated angel.

San Diego priest 4-6 Pittsburgh pirate

The pirate team first sent the Musgrov 6.1, was hit 4 Anwen 4 points to show the 4 times, the three vibration, the priest was first sent to the Kundier 5 bureau was hit 8 to lose 5 points. 1 The half-sea pirate team Bell knocked out, Frazer scored. After that, Molan took the home run, Bell and Reynolds scored separately, pirates 4-0 lead. 5 games, half-sea stunches, Kabreira, hit Fraser, 7, half the priest Dickson Anattan hit Garcia, then Lunfro stepped out of the 3-point gun, the priest 4-5 backward. The 8th Bureau, the half-sea, Mo Ganan, hit Renault, the pirate team eventually 6-4 defeated the priest.

Washington National 5-6 Chicago Bear

The national first-handed Herricks only cast 3 games was hitted 4 to play 3 points, and the bear was first sent to Hendricks 5.2. 1 The upper half of the bite of the bear team Badez rolled back Shuvabo, and the Shuvabo sacrifice was hit by Hayward. The 3 games were tapped out of the home run, and then Shuval sacrifice hit Almora. 5 The next half of the Sir-roll earth returned to Suzukiqing, the bear 4-1 leads. The 6th Bureau, the upper half of the bear, Hendrikz sacrifice, hit Hayward, and Brynetan hit Almora. 6 Besid Half-Dendened 3 outper, the national will chase the score to 4-6.7, the second half KFRRK knock out the home, the National Team finally 5-6 not enemy bear.

Seattle Sailor 7-4 Minnesota Shuangcheng

4 The second half of the semi-sailor team Santana second base is played back Enknaisi, and the 5 games of the five games, Poland, Poland, returned to Aladez, and then Skpe rolls back to Baxston, Poland Holding a sailor guerrilla hand Clausford error score. 5 The second half of the sailor team Harnig two points, after the score, then the Warrbac’s home base strikes the ratios. 7 The next half of Enna, knocked out 3 units, the sailor 7-3 leaded. The 9th Bureau’s upper half of the Shuangqua team Poland Kanchang hit Aderiana. The final sailor 7-4 defeated the opponent.