MLB13 Summary: Blue Bird Sports Master Huan Canon Warrior Red Socks Note Goodbye

On June 13, Beijing time, the US stick big alliance will fight 12 games, the specific competition is as follows: Sports Home 6-2 Run, Route Snake 2-0 Philadelres, Blue Bird 8-6 Jacquard, Sapphire 0-9 HorseForest fish, pirate 7-8 Warriors, sailor 9-6 Shuangcheng, winemaker 6-3 space people, tiger 3-2 royal, priest 2-4 giants, red people 7-2 Indians, Bear 10-1 Rocky, Visitors 3-4 socks.

Ranger 3-4 socks

Although there are not many points in this competition, the scene is still more exciting, and the two sides have attacked each other until the last game divides the winning. The first game, the first bureau, the first score, Pens continues to have a good condition, paying back 2 points with a second base; the second half of the red hose is immediately countered, Drefs’ sanza recovers 1 point, 2- 1.

The third bureau and the fifth bureau, Benneuti used two long play to get 2 points, red socks, anti-ratios, 2-3; Eighth Bureau Andrews high-flying sacrificed hit score, 3-3; Seeing that I want to enter the extended competition, the last half, the ride pitcher actually sent a full base in the case of no one, Bates patiently got a guarantee, and the red socks dramatically had goodbye to win the game.

Sapphire 0-9 Marinfish

The red ramp was unexpectedly on the mare of the league bottom, and did not take any scores in the Jordan Hand Mountain Jordan. Because of Jenania’s injury, Malinfish temporarily adjusted the 23-year-old pitcher from the small alliance. As a result, the beginning of the Great League was actually a good cast, and the 7.0 bureau pool was only hitting 3 security. After sending 5 times, three vibrations were delivered, and the whole audience was given to the red rose.

Snake 2-0 Philadelphians

Let’s review a zero-sealed competition, Philadelphore people face Merrill Kelly, there is no way, the audience only hits 3 security, Kelly 7.2 bureau’s pitch to send 5 times, Zhenzhen does not guarantee, perfect frozen The row of opponents. The snake snake has been invested by Walker and Amed. It has been valuable 2 points in the fifth game, relying on these 2 points, eventually defeating the opponent.

Bear 10-1 Rocky

Yesterday’s game bears were victorified by Rocky, and today I found a victory with a stick. The second bureau is on the second bureau to attack 5 points, and Haidian is born back to 2 points, and the Shuwaibo three-way gun makes the score to 5-0, this is the 14th project of his season.

In the fifth game, the pitcher Hamers also knocked out, and accompanied by 2 points, 7-0; the eighth game, Bayz’s 17th Battle, let the bear win down 10 points, Yaoyao leads to lock the victory. This game, the bear, the pitcher, Hames, showed excellent, 7.0 Bureau did not lose, 9 times of Sanzheng only passed only 1 time.

Red Man 7-2 Indians

The first bureau just opened, Senzer and Wando use two Yangchun guns to open the big door; Fremman has a point after 1 point, the red man is in the fifth game, the sixth game, the seventh game The eighth bureau rely on two seconds bases to play and two home runs. It has gone 5 points in a row, and the score is 7-1; the Indians just get peace in the second half of Santana, the final red Man overcome Indians.

Blue bird 8-6 golden

The two teams started violent attack from the middle of the competition, first in the fourth game, in the fourth game, Yangchun can take the first point, and the blue bird will take 6 points in the fifth game, especially Trez. Mandang guns, instantaneous ratio for 6-1.

The sixth game, Xiagrero and Little Guiliel have been playing a point, the blue bird continues to pull the difference, 8-2; but at the end of the game, becomes a golden score performance, Xisco knock out two bases , Villar and Santander ran back, 8-4; Nounez and Ruiez successfully told points, Jinxi will chase the score to 8-6; unfortunately, the ninth game did not score again, Jin Yan did not Can reverse.

Tiger 3-2 royal

The two teams are still the same as yesterday, the difference is the digital Easy, and today the tiger suffers from the royal. Although the royal family lost, the fourth stick Soreger still expresses the coil, contributes 2 security and 2 points, the whole team’s division is returned by him. Royal first pitcher Dafe also has a good performance, 7.0 bureau was hit by 4 avantles lost 2 points, and there were seven times of three vibrations, just in the first half of the eighth game, the tiger Dickson flew to get super-proled, and finally maintained At the end, I didn’t get a winning win.

Giants 4-2 priest

The priest continues the pace of losing, has been lost, and the opening season is also a ranks of the partition name. Now it has fallen into the second countdown, and the front of the team has opened a dozen gaps.

The offensive is unfavorable is the biggest problem. The game priests hit 5 security, the two first firms were 6.0 bureaus two points, but Lucexi lost 1 point, so swallowing the defeat.

Pirates 7-8 Warriors

The pirate encounters the extension of the bureau, and eight games have been lost in the past 10 games, and they have also been lost, and the current situation is not good. The brightest player in this game is a new Xiu Rile, and the 3 points of 3 points of 3 points have been 3 points, which is unstoppable.

The pirates have received advanced division in the ninth game, and then Rayley poured a pot of cool water, and equally pulled the score with Yangchun guns. In the first half of the eleventh, Bell and Rayle have successfully passed the barrier, and Albes got a goodbye to the pirate.

Winemaker 6-3 space

It is also a priest, the two teams have become 3 to 3, in the fourth game, Musakas two-sided cannons, and the post-Gardal and Agah continuously , Win the 6th, 6-3; 6-3; Spaceier faces the gap between 3 points, no score.

Willand has created his new record, and the 7.0 bureau’s pitch sent 15 three-vibration, which is a new number of three vibrators.

Sailor 9-6 Shuangcheng

Today, the third extension of the competition, the sailor 5 points in the eighth game, 5 points in the 8th game, 5 points with 6-1, the second half of the eighth bureau and the second half, lost 3 points respectively 2 points, so that the Shuangcheng flattered score and entered the extension.

However, the sailor relies on the hot line and the two-city criterion, and the fourth game is quickly captured, the double city catcher and the three-game mistakes, let the team lose 3 points. Eliaz debuted to complete three three times and stayed.

Sports home 6-2 rays

The first seven games between the two parties, in the first half of the eighth game, Roy Status continued to form a full base situation, the main coach changed its new truncation pitcher, and the result was held by Lau Razzo, The rays were scheduled to be hit. In the end, it is to lose these 4 points.