MLB Miami Madolin catcher Warcorn – Castty is in the game today, the first half of the seventh game, he played a branch of the second base, helping the team to enter the key point. .Castil is hard to recall the specific details of the big alliance, but it is really difficult to blame him, it is already ten years ago. But the Marin fish catcher started a new big alliance year today. He got this two-game powerful playing while Marin fish also defeated powerful Philadelphians.Since June 20, 2009, after his first big alliance competition, Casti was severely hit by his career, and the muscle tear of hips almost pushed him to the edge of the retired. He didn’t give up, but it turned into a multi-country baseball league finally returned to the big league, but time has passed 3657 days.”This is a mood that is difficult to describe,” Casti said in translation after the end of the game. “I really spend a lot of hard work, turning the Dominican Winter League, the Mexican Professional Baseball League also has a small alliance, using almost ten years to return to the stadium. I have never given up to exchange the present opportunity, I thank you Everything you have now, thank the Malin Fishball League to give my big alliance. “Decade did not participate in the MLB competition, Casti was played last at the 2009 season 8-10 lost to the white socks, and his tear hips muscles were replaced in the game. According to MLB data statistics, plus the point of this game, Casty has become a history of the first player in front of the history.Casti also continued its continuous security scenes until three, which made him become a player who knocked out the players from the 10th year after April 19, 1932 to 1932 to 1932.I didn’t catch in the big alliance in ten years, Castty admitted that he was very nervous in the game.”When I just kneel behind the home base, I think it is very nervous and strange,” Casti said. “Maybe it is too fast, I am looking at the whole course here, and I have some waves in my heart. But when we caught the first player out of the game, I will sink to relax and prepare for the subsequent game. “”I am really happy to return to the big alliance,” said the general coach of Marin – Martini. “There are many people who have been boarding the big alliance, and then they have been forced to turn into many teams. They are trying to go back to the big league. Castil’s story is very exciting, ten years long but in the small alliance Very good, the team saw his flash point so he called him the big alliance. “