MLB – May 22, Wrand 8, 12k, poor, hidden, Herman, 9th

On May 22, Beijing time, the US professional baseball big alliance MLB regular competition is 14 games. Bauer’s low fans reversal to the Indians; Baidat is goodbye to play the pizza; Marques 8 games 0 lost octrine complete pirates; Frazi double rang 5 points Yangji big victory golden; Taylor Double ring 5 Top the blue bird big victory; Khawok 7 bureau complete the Daoqi to take the light; Malinfish 11 bureau struggles to defeat the tiger; Alonso 16 bangs will suffer the national; 14-Zhenhong finished winemaker; Lin Ye first show outstanding visitors Defeat the sailor; Wrand 12 Sanzhen spaceman beat white socks; Panick goodbye to the giant reversed the warrior; Gonzalez performance of the Double City defeated the https://www.mlbtrojerse.comangel; Huosmo two-piece guideline reversed the snake.

Cleveland Indians 3-5 Auckland Sports

The two teams sent outstanding pitcher and the state was not good. The Indians first sent the Ballo 6 bureau to be hitted to lose 4 points. 6 guarantees. 1 The second half of the Indians Lin Dol took the lead, 2, half the sportswear captured the full column, Figer Yei chose to keep back the Piscoti, 3 games, the half, sports home Kana burned out two points , Sports home 3-1 leading. 3 The second half of the Indians Santana have brought a 407-foot home run. 4 games, the half of the sports home Chapman’s second base is played back to Ximan, and the second half of the second half of the Indians Melkato has returned to Martin. 5 bureau, half of the sports home, Plua, and final sports home 5-3 defeated Indians.

Chicago Bear 3-2 Philadelphia Philadelphians

The bear’s first Hauntana 6 games were only played 2 security 0, the Philadelphie first sent an Eflin 6 bureau to be hit by 6 to lose 1 point. Philadelphors sent Terminator in Nikasio failed. 1 The second half of the bears, Kong Treras rolled back to Bryant, and the 7th game of the half-fee city team McCaqin was returned to Jin Jierry and Franco, Philadelphians 2-1 anti-ratios . The 9th Bureau, the lower half of the bear counterattack, Almora rolls back Bryant, then Baidz knocked out again, and rushed back to the home score. The bear finally beat the Philadelphians.

Pittsburgh Pirate 0-5 Colorado

Luoji team first issued a Maquis 8 games only hit 3 to play 0, and the Pirates sent Achuri 4 bureau to be hit by 6 to lose 4 points. 2 Pioneers on the episode of Walters roll the earth, relying on pirates. 3 Pioneer Silito Sports Stolley slammed home, Rocky 2-0 lead. 4 Board of Plumber Based Blackmont hit the Dashmond and Walters, 8 bureaus, half Maquez Ann, hit Mark Mountain, and finally Rocky 5-0 wins.

Baltimo Gold Owand 4-11 New York Yangji

Yangji first Herman 5 bureau was hit by 5 to lose 3 points and won the 9th wins down next season. Jinyu first Hechers 5 bureau was hit 8 to lose 9 points. 1 The second half of the team Sanchez slammed the three-year gun, and the upper half of the three bureaus hit Hicks, then Fraser knocked out the home, Yangji 6-0 lead. 5 games of Fraser and fill a home run, Yangji 9-0 leading. 5 The next half of the gold medal Wilkson slammed 3. 6 bureaus Sanchez Sanchez rushed to the Earth to return to Le Mei, then Torres Anathered back Hicks. 6 The next half of the golden Alberto Ankang returned to Davis, and finally Yangji 11-4 defeated Jinji.

Toronto Blue Bird 10-3 Boston Red Socks

Bluebird first Stalman 6 games were hit 5 Annweeping 1 points to win the victory, the red stockings first sent Rodriggs 5 games to be hit 6 Anwind lost 6 points. 4 The half blue bird Team Taylez knocked out two points, and Grrick was also opened, the Blue Bird team was 3-0. 5 The next half of Tharez slammed 3 units, the Blue Bird Team 6-0 is leading. 6 bureau on the half red socks counterattack, Molan bombarded the Yangchun. 6 The next half the blue bird team Yan Shan is playing back to Garves, and then Drui Angel has returned McKini. 7 The second half of Drui knocked out the second base to play back Garves and Grrike, Blue Bird 10-1 leading. 8 games and Halfs and Small Bradley were connected to the home run, and the reddock team 3-10 lost blue bird.

Tampa Bay 3-7 Los Angeles Daoqi

Kakoca today 6.1 bureau was hit by 6 to play 2 points and won the fourth victory next season. 1 The half of the half-channel Team Tenian is hit by Mangxi, and the 3 game is half a special sacrifice to play back Fried. 4 The half of the half of the wonders, Barnes, hit Siger, and the half of the half-channel Qi Qi Ernanda was returned to Mangxi, and Siguel was played back Berinjan. 7 The next half of the radiance counterattack, Adams, Motos and Tommy – Fan continued to make a 3rd point for the radiance. The 9th Bureau’s Half-the-handed team of Petrson venue has returned to Ernand, and the Dodge team eventually defeated the rays.

Detroit Tiger 4-5 Miami Manalin (extended 11 bureaus)

The Tiger first sent Tenbur 5 bureau was hitting 7 anably 3 points, Malinfish first developed Smith 5 bureau to be hit by 3 to lose 2 points. Chen Weiyin successfully solved 1 number of bodies today. 1 The Half Madlin Marine and Anderson sacrificed the Grannderson, and the second game was half-martedly Varachi second base to returned to Ramirez. 3 The second half of the tiger team Jones knocked out the homer, 4 bureaus, half martial arts fish, Ramis, stabbed home, 4 bureaus, tigers, Kabreira, hit Casteranos, Tiger 2-3 behind. 7 bureau, half macarium Anderson slammed home, 9 bureaus, half of the murrin fish sent Romo, and the tiger team Kabreira was played back to Good Rome, then Rodrigs sacrificed. Casteranos. The 11th Bureau is half a martial arts, and the second base is played back to Rojas. Marlin fish finally won.

New York Most 6-5 Washington National

The Metropolitan team Wheile 7 is hitting 4 answered 3 points, and the national first fidel 5 bureau was hit 4 to lose 1 point. 2 The last half of the country team strictly hits the right ownership, 5 bureaus, the next half, McNil Ann, hit Lagas, and the two sides warned to 1-1.7 bureau to Half-country team Heavy two-point gun, 7, the next half of the big team, Davis, three-unit, tweeter, twice. 8 bureaus horses Turner’s second base to play back KFRK, then the second base is played back to Turner, and the national 5-4 anti-ratios. 8 The next half of the bureau will stand the home run, and the two sides will fight to 5-5 flat. 9 The next half of the bureau will rarely see a goodbye, and the Metropolis 6-5 defeated the nationals.

Milwaukee Brewing People 0-3 Cincinnati

The red man first sent Senni-Gray 6, was hit by hitting 0. Vibrate 9 times. The wineman first sent Gio-Gonzalez 5 bureau to be 3 points. 1 The bureau is on the upper bureau, and the red team is Senzer. Winemaker. Yelyce did not play today.

Texas Ranger 5-3 Seattle Sailor

The sailor first sent Milion 5 games by hitting 3 to lose 2 points, and the ride will first launched the 7th game was hit 5 Anwind 2 points to win the victory. 2 The second half of the game, the arrival of the Gulu, the second half of the 4th game, the 4th game, the second half of the card Barrera sacrifice, the 6th bureau, the second half, the cavalry, Mazara, two, the second, the game, the second, the second base . The 7th game is half-sailor counterattack. Navyz Anat has returned to Wogerbucks, and the Bruce sacrifice hit Nakani. 8 The next half of the plumo is knocking out two points, and the ride 5-2 leads. 9 bureaus on the top of Navalz, the sailor finally 3-5 lost the cavalry.

Houston Space People 5-1 Chicago White Socks

Justin Willand has been hit by 1 point in 8 bureaic today, and it is 12 times to win the victory. White socks were prank 4th games were hit 4 to lose 4 points. 4 The second half of the Agrimole hits the homes to help space people break the deadlock. 5 The second half of the bureau uses Banmore’s explosion. It will run back to the home base. 5-0 lead. The 7th Bureau is overchau, an unafeful game of Willands in the upper half of the 7th game. The final spaceman 5-1 wins.

San Diego Priest 3-2 Arizona Snake

The priest first Straham 6 bureau was hit 4 to lose 2 points down the winning investment, the snake first Grandgun 7 bureau was hit 4 Anwind 3 points. Yats won the 19th rescue success in the season. 4 games on the upper half of the snake Espobal bang from the Yangchun cannon, 5 games, half in the ink, fell out of the Yangchun, the snake 2-0 lead. 6 The second half of the priest team Matrido hit Ninstler, then Huosmo bombarded two-point gun, the priest contrast score and finally won.

San Francisco Giant 4-3 Atlanta Warrior

Giants first sent Anderson 5 bureau to be hit by 8 to lose 2 points. The Warriors first broke the Tenlan 5.2 bureau was hit 3 to lose 1 point. Warriors Terminator Jackson 9 The next half closed the door failed. 1 The second half of the warriors Markki Salt, Markki, who has returned to Swansen, and the next half of the giant team Londoria’s second base is played back to the Panick equalization score. 6 The half of the warriors, McCain, sacrificed to Dornonon, Warriors 2-1 leading. 7, the half of the warriors, Fremiman, an array of Akawa, 9 bureaus, the next half of the team counterattack, Pilar Anateng returned to Crawford, then Panik knocked out again to see, Pira Running the home score. The final giant team 4-3 reversed the warrior.

Los Angeles Angel 3 -8 Minnesota Shuangcheng

The Angel Team first issued a card Hill 5 bureau was hit 2 to lose 1 point, and the Shuangcheng first peeled tower 6 bureau was hit by 4 to lose 3 points. Da Valiang debut today, 1 bureau, short semi-specialrability, bombard the Yangchun cannon, 2, in the second half of the sky, Military, Fletcher, played back to Gude, after Lunquel broke the housing . Angel 3-0 leads. The 6th games, the second half of the city counterattack, Poland Branch is playing back Kaipa, then Gonzalez knocks out the home, and the two sides will fight to 3-3 flat. 7 The upper half of Poland, Castro, after the Castro, after the Rules of Gonzaleth Space, Rosaro, Rosario, Rosa, Rosaro, Rosa, Rosaro, Rosaro, Rosaro, Rosa, Guosha, Shuangcheng 7-3 Leading. The 8 games, the upper half of the Aladez knocked out home, and finally the double city 8-3 defeated angel.

In addition, the ramp and the Royal Missouri were postponed by the weather.