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On the afternoon of March 21, Beijing time, the US Roman Walker has conducted the second game of the new season in Japan, and the two sides of the United States were still the Auckland sports team and Seattle sailors in the Melan West.Compared with the first game, the two teams are based on the change in the threaded pitcher, and the tiny adjustment is performed.

The game is the same as yesterday, ups and downs, wonderful, and finally rely on the homework of the sportsmet itself, and Seattle Sailor 5-4 has achieved victory.

Suzuki, which continues to go to the right country today and serve as the ninth.The first shred hit the flying ball was killed by Chapman in the outer area of the Tablet world; the second shred hit the right half of the earth was stopped by the second base hand Geng Deng; the third game was an outer cornerThe scorpion stood three vibrations; the fourth dress is also the last shot, weak roll, and the sportsist guerrillas Wein are in time to catch out.Suzuki is in the game, there are 4 shots in the game, and there is no place to appear, leaving a small regret.

On the way to the game, the Japanese Legendary Star – The 45-year-old Suzuki, retired after the game, ending his 27-year career, 18 years of aesthetic career.

In 2001, I landed in the big alliance, and the new show will play 242, winning the best new show and the most valuable players of the best, helping Seattle sailors won the 116 wins of the Federal Record; the 2004 season played 262 security creative alliance records; At least 200 security is contributed for ten consecutive seasons; Ni-US Conditions 4367 support.

As the most successful Japanese player in Tour, Suzuki has left too many records and wonderful moments, and the second half of the 8th game will replace Suzuki. Let the legend accept the applause of the whole game. All teammates have hugged forward. Suzuki also waved goodbye to all fans.

Sports team first pitcher Estradad

Sports team first pitcher Estradad

Data highlight

Auckland Sports

First, the first fifth game, first fifth game, playing the characteristics of the extreme flying ball, manufacturing 12 flying balls, were hit out of 5 security, including two home bases lost 3 points, but also have 1 guaranteed;

This battle was mentioned in Simin, which was first stick, contributed 3 security; other people’s firepower average, the number one star Davis has 1 security and 2 points.

Seattle sailor

First, the pitcher, Xiki, Xiongt, 91, the ball, 4.2 bureau, was hit 4 security, got 3 three vibration, sent 1 guarantee, lost 2 points, 1 divided into self-signs.

Opening Juchi Xiong stars fully played the characteristics of Japanese pitcher. When the number of balls were behind, Jiuchi will show his speed ball to grab a good ball, while the number of balls is leading, they will use changes to the player. The first round faces the sportswell line, Juchi Xionkong took three three vibrators, and only once, and comprehensively pressed the sportsist line.

However, when it came to the second round of hits, the patient’s patience began to play, and the ball of Juchi will never let the player wave, the decline in the pressure has made him a sharp increase in the number of spheres.

In terms of hit, Hanig 4-played 2 hit 1 point, and ran back 1 point; yesterday, the three-way hand-made Hall of the passing champion, today’s attack and defense has a wonderful performance, contributing 2 pensions to include 1 Branch hits; in 2008, the champion of Tampawan devil fish, Dunham, Baker, lanted, continued yesterday’s hot feel, contributing 2 security, and has 1 guarantee.

Game process

The first game is not shocked, except for the hunch of Hanig, the rest of the bearer is out of speed. Jane Chiki has a beautiful slide with a beautiful scorpion, Zhen Chapman, got the first three oscillating of the big league career.

In the second bureau, the Seattle sailor took the lead in difficult, after the Baker Ham hit the wilderness, Jili got a thrilling ball of the first firing, hit the ball in the left of the Tokyo giant egg, the sailor took the lead 2-0 leaders.

Suzuki is a poor game

Suzuki is a poor game

In the third bureau, Harnig once again caught the pitcher’s unsuitable ball, Yangchun cannon helped the team expanded score. The sailor is 3-0, expanded the leading advantage. Then Nakanau and Santana, but the catcher Navyz did not grasp the opportunity.

In the second half of the third bureau, the ball of Chrykech suddenly appeared in chaos. After the first bat, Jiuchi made a rare big strain, so in the sportsist player feel cold, did not get the score.

The fifth bureau produced three flies out of the game and ended the work of this game. On the other hand, a very quiet sportsman is finally found to find a way to pay the japan ‘s Xiong’, in the face of the second base of the West Mien seized the opportunity to attack the middle direction, then the sailor appeared on the ball. Waiting for the mistake, the movie will take this opportunity to narrow the division to 1 point.

The seventh game is facing the new cowshed on the sportswell, and the slightest is not allowed. The Hili rate first hits long playing, then Gordon and Hanig have continuously placed, forming a full base; Bruce’s high-flying sacrifice hits the team to expand, but yesterday hit Santana, which did not replicate the miracle. The seven game ends the sailor 4-2 remains the lead.

The second half of the seventh place is not willing to show weakness. After the two out of the game, he caught the sailor’s steady. The top three batters were connected to the base. The core bearer Davis seized the opportunity to attack the time to play, sports team The score; but then Pingdel did not build a tree, the seven games ended the two parties to fight hands.

The eighth bureau, the ninth bureau, both began to send the most well-paced pitcher in the cowshed, and the sights of the sights Tursenant’s 2 games were 4 times, and the power was full. Although the two teams have sporadic performance, but there is no series, it is difficult to submit, and the competition enters the extended competition.

The first three sticks in the eleventh game were again connected, but the top of the base, Davis waved three times without harvest, and the game continued to stop.

It will be punished to grasp the opportunity, and the second half of the semi-sleeve is also full of opportunities, and the sports home’s own second base hand preades the ball when dealing with the simple double kill. Ultimate point.

The twelfth semi-semi-sleeve sent the terminator Strickland, using his fireball, and grabbed the second rescue success in the individual season.

Both sides

Seattle sailor

First stick two base hand Di-Gordon

The second stick in the wilderness Mickey – Hanig

Third stick, a bar, Jay-Bruce

Fourth rod designated to fight Edwin – Nkana

Fifth rod left outer wilder Doming Geo – Santana

Sixth stick arrested Omar – Navyz

Seventh stick guerrilla Tim – Beckham

Eighth sticks, three bases, Leon-Sili

The ninth stick right wilder bell

First pitcher

Auckland Sports

First stick guerracid Marcus – Simin

Second stick, three base, Matt, Chapman

Third stick right wilder hand Stephen Piscoti

Fourth rod designated strike Chris Davis

The fifth rod left outer wilder Trude-Pingdel

Sixth Based on Matt – Olsen

Seventh stick two bases Jerexon – Propa

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wild hands Raun – Laureno

Ninth Bar Catcher, Josh-Phori

First Potter Malco – Estrada