MLB – hit the Silitter of the United States East, the old gathers, the end of the team players survive

The reddock team is the base of Sticker Pierce, once spread all the Jersey’s jersey, only lacking his favorite team’s jersey, this dream is achieved in the red socks in this season.

This season’s red sock team fierce, but also eliminated the enemy’s team in the playoffs, but also eliminated the defending champion space team.No one can deny the contribution of the old Pierce to the entire Red Socks.

The trajectory of the Wildo Ball is very flat, and Pierce has exercised the amazing handhered coordination ability.

The trajectory of the Wildo Ball is very flat, and Pierce has exercised the amazing handhered coordination ability.

Player float

Growing in Florida Lekland, Pierce and his two brothers have been affected by Boston Sports Culture. Because their father is from Massachusetts, born and grows in a city named Rensebis, 50 miles in Boston (Boston alias). Because of this, their father’s life is a fan of the Red Sox and Patriot Team. He also passed the fan culture to his son inadvertently.

Pierce and two younger brothers Chande, Kyle is a sports fan, while Pierce is the most enthusiastic in the middle. They often try to play the float. Wappy ball, through the air speed flow of the air, causing a change in changing balls, as long as the grip is correct, do not need to be like a professional baseball player’s standard posture, you can cast a larger change ball than the baseball, this The breeding is made of plastic, there are eight winds above, the interior is hollow, and it is not easy to cause injuries. It can be said that it can participate in indoor outdoor sports. As long as the wind is playing, they are dressed as a red stocking team. Although Pierce is obsessed with Nomama Jaca Para, he has always made a right hand guilter, but he always uses his left hand to complete the blow. He uses ultra-light plastic batts to train their own anti-directional waves. He was more like Mo-Feng En.

Over the past, Pierce waves have been very self-satisfied, whether it is plastic, aluminum or wood, and he has applied flexible. In 2005, Patzburgh pirate decided to pick it up in the 8th round. So, in 2007, Piercen became the Great League, and the five seasons were effective in pirates. At that time, he did not suffer from injuries.

Whenever Pierce feels that his career finds some feelings, injuries are always taken. At the end of the 2011 season, the pirate team was complement in Pierce in the injury list, so he sent him away. Since then, Pierce has started the wandering in the United States, and his rhythm in the injury list is still not alleviated. On June 28 this year, he was sent from the blue bird to the red stocking, and became the 6th player in the same partner in the history of the league, and it was also a player who played the United States. More importantly, as his brothers are looking forward to, Pierce has become a family member of their first home team.

Boston Road is full of thorns

In January 2012, the Minnesota Shuangcheng team signed Pierce in the form of a small alliance, Pierce called two brothers. A few months later, the Shuangcheng team gave up Pierce before the opening season, fortunately, Yang Bi team signed him, Pierce quickly called two brothers to report this good news. That year, he also replaced the team again, Yangji traded it to Jinxi, Jinji cut it, Pierce turned to the sportsman, and the sportsist sent him back Yangji, Yangji and dramatically Send him twice to Jinxi, although it is coming back to the ground, Pierce always reports the latest progress to the two younger brothers.

In January 2016, Pierce signed Tampa Bay, Chard and Kyle became a good news in Ji Dynasty. Pierce’s career never lacks dramatic. He was in August of the same year, and he was traded back to Jinyu, Chad and Kyle were in the first time. However, all of these phones have pale in Pierce last June last year.

“The best part is to inform my brothers.” Pierce recalled the bostat. He speaks the slight southern accent to bring him convenience, because in the team outside the Mandelo Red Sox, you can cover your family from New England region, theoretically make his life easier. “They always fascinated the team, but they are deep, they are still red stockings fans. Can tell them that I have traded to socks, it is the most wonderful feeling in my life. They are excited, ‘too cattle , You are playing for red socks! ‘”

Of course, Pierce is no longer the first player who is playing the ball for his beloved fans. Minnesota Local People Joe-Moore has contributed all 15 years of his career to the double city. Born in Maryland, Carl Rypken career is also in gold. Unlike the above-mentioned hometown heroes, Pierce’s Boston is full of bumps.

Reduce self

“Many times, I feel that baseball is not friendly for me.” Pierce said, “I have experienced a state of upheavoly, injuries, and finally can come to my today’s team, I feel that I am bless by God.” Nowadays, the place in Pierce and his 6 years ago are really different. In the last few days of the regular season in 2012, Yangji cut Pierce. When they were closed, I won the Meidian champion, which means they deprived the opportunity of Pierce’s first season. At the same time, his wife is about to be rated, his daughter Jane is born in September 28. The team was cut off and made a family reunion.

After the wife gave birth, Pierce was signed by Golden Eagle. Although he did not enter Baltimore’s playoffs, he entered the team lineup of Golden Eagle after three seasons. In those three years, Pierce is considered to be the most underestimated multi-faced player, dangerous right hand, because he can Any position on the court. In 2014, he got 96 wins, while killing the United States championship, Pierce became the key character of the team. He switched between a baseball, left-away wilder, and right owners, while also served as a designated blower, a single season played 102 more career. When his attack index was 0.930, the victory contribution came to 4.5, followed by Adam – Jones in the team in the second. At that time, Pierce launched: “I finally stabilized my heel in the team, I have hopped the game I think can be good.” His manifestation is the three-foot of the golden team’s match.

After the 2015 season, the radiance suddenly killed, and Xu Puels, because he hit 10 projects in the 33 game of the Golden Ray. In 2016, the same thing continued to be staged, the Blue Bird team found that Pierce was as high as 0.333 in the game against Bluebird, and he did not hesitate to sign him. In June last year, when the second season of blue bird was in the second season, the Red Sox was going to leave Pierce.

“It’s a bitter ginseng half.” Pierce said. At that time, Pierce was staying with teammates in Yash-Donaldon’s charity event. He got a message that he had to change the team. I felt at the time: “That is good news, but also bad news”, he has changed the jersey of 9 teams in the past 7 seasons, and he learned gratitude. “I heard that there is a team want me, it is really awkward.”

For Pierce, it is especially exciting. It is a team who wants his team to be his and his brothers from a small to most dreams. Just like joining red socks, like Pierce’s significance, Pierce’s arrival is the same for red socks.

Pierce desperately flying the fan frightened the fans.

Pierce desperately flying the fan frightened the fans.

Due to the Flying Flying Flying Flying in Red Socks

The 4th game of the United States, the general manager of Boston is at home with the sake of the sake of the spoon. His eyes have brought the eyelids, because Pierce rushed over the pedestrian steps in the 7th game to try to pick up the pedestrian seating. Exterior the ball in a circle. Although Pierce’s contribution is not much in that game, hit the fattening of Chen, but his performance throughout the season is unable to enter the United States. At the beginning of August, when the value of the family, Morand performance, Pierce strive, becoming the key character of the red stocking 4 defending, and the round of the series of four strokes, three of them At the series, the scene of the scene, when the red stockings were 15 more victory. In the United Arab tracking of the array base, Morade shoulder injury recurrence, Pierce 4 war three games, the hits reached 0.333. At the United States finals, the third battle of Space people, at the time, the series of 1 to 1 draw, the two teams scored 2 to 2 flat, Pierce was in the 6th situation to the spaceman’s posttle pitcher Joe – Smith hit the home run, let The balance of victory began to go back to Boston. Therefore, in the next night, Pierce made a decision that rushed to the player’s seating area, when all the red sats fans were pinching with sweat.

“I was absolutely breathed.” Dorblaski, General Manager of Red Sato Group, “He is a very critical figure in our team.”

The importance of Pierce and his right hand blows will continue to be present in the next World Competition, because there is three left-handed people (Kak Xiao, Liu Xianzhen and Hill). Even if Pierce can help red socks get the champion of the 4th World Competition of this Century, he is still very embarrassing next year. After all, he is not a baseball player like Bez and JD-Martinens. He is no longer young, nor does it like Benertys and Dels to be in the range of the team’s salary. Pierce is like Jeak Bradley, in the uncontrollable category of the team. Pierce has been 35 years old, and the contract is about to expire, or has been a wandering player for many years, never stayed for too long, but every place is plug-and-play. In other words, he is Cell-Johnson 2.0.

Pierce repeatedly staged a word horse in the stock hose

Pierce repeatedly staged a word horse in the stock hose

Playing the law determines that Pierce will finally

“I like that guy.” When I was talking to Pierce, Johnson, who had a multi-faced player Johnson once said that he is another player who played a 5th detachment. Johnson completed the 5th team of the United States east in 2014, when he was traded to Jinxi and did his teammates with Pierce. “Awesome guy. I really enjoyed the time of him and Congratulations.” After 4 years, a feasibility scouting report on Pierce Jacket Boston wrote.

“Great teammates, great guys.” Boston guerrillas Ade, Bogatz praised Pierce. “I didn’t know him before, but he came to our team this year, I have been playing a warrior role.”

“This old will have experienced too much such situation.” Red Sato coach Cola said, “As long as he arrives, he will be incorporated immediately.” The ability to integrate is also explained why Pierce has achieved these years Outstanding, but you can’t always stay in a team, why can’t he flee a strange circle between the club.

“He is a very good supplement. He is working hard, so we can always think of him when we need someone.” Dombruski said that when Pierce’s Meidineday team turned to shuttle, “and unless Your team wins the champion, he can get the leader of the team because he is not a cornerstone. That is why people always have an open attitude to the transaction. “

Today, Pierce is still wearing red socks, enjoying a minute and one second in the red socks.

Dreams come true costs to give up self

The strike training has just ended. At that time, the 5th game of the United States was the 5th game, Pierce stationed in the player seating area of ??the beautiful juice, trying to find a reason for him to come to this moment.

“It’s really dreams.” He said, the super realistic experience, he will not even talk to others because this kind of thing will not happen to others. “This is my dream. I finally became a part of my dreams, and I also came together in the playoffs.”

After an hour, the red socks rushed into the stadium because they defeated the Space People to advance to the World Competition, which was the first World Competition in 2013, and is the first time in Pierce 12 years. The World Competition started this Tuesday. His two brothers came to the scene, watching their childhood dreams become a reality in their brothers.

Pierce did not wear Feng En 42 jersey, which was the number that he thought when he fought, because no one can wear 42. He can’t wear the No. 5 Jaemia Parada, which wear in high school, because that number is already in Schiller when the Pierce Jead is red. He can’t wear 28, it is his number when he is in the golden team to commemorate the birthday of his daughter. The number is helping him to get the auspicious number of the light and blue bird contract, because some is JD-Martin The player is wearing. In the end, Pierce chose 25, this number is randomly distributed when he joined red socks.

Pierce is not known as his back. On the contrary, it is the key to the front of the jersey, has always been the key to his success, because he has always been a team-based player.