MLB heavy transactions! Metropolis trades the Blue Bird’s "Still not give up this season.

This step of MLB New York is feared that there is no one who can think of it. On July 29, Beijing, I will launch the transaction, and I will be selected for all star games in the Toronto Blue Bird’s Kuskus – Stroman (Marcus Stroman). Transaction comes to New York.

In order to get the best 28-year-old pitcher for his career this season, all the farm system ranked fourth Anthony Kay and ranked Sixth Simmy – Woods – Richardson (SIMEON WOODS-RICHARDSON). The transaction will be officially completed after both players.

The 28-year-old Stroman is held in the 21st preferences of the season and 3.52FIP. It is a popular commodity that is a popular commodity in the trading market in the Stroman.

Not only because of Stroman’s skills, but because of the Stroman’s contract – the transaction will receive the right of Strime for approaching for two years, he will get into the free market after the end of next year, but Non-other combat efforts to “work” properties. According to the top of the Metropolitan, any transaction of the transaction of this season’s transaction is not just for this season’s operation, but also to look at the next season.

Stroman immediately took a small number of photos in Termatics after the transaction was completed, and his hometown is New York.

Stroman immediately took a small number of photos in Termatics after the transaction was completed, and his hometown is New York.

However, why should I say that this step will be unexpected? After sweeping the Pittsburgh Pirates, the record of the New York Metropolis will come to 50 wins and 55 negative – ranking the second national union. Such a record, coupled with a snail, just pays two hundred big grades of rookie farm systems, I don’t think I will be big, I will take my hand to grab Strime.

Perhaps all players will come out, such as Zack Wheeler, which is increasing this year, adds some barren farms through other transactions. More rumors say that all one of the double trokes in the deal of the deal, “Thunder” Nova Schndergard.

Then look at the Blue Bird Team sells the new show obtained by their own ace. Kai is the fourth star of the Metropolitan Farm. The 24-year-old first left pitcher is the first round show of the 2016 elected show. This season has also climbed to the AAA level, and there is always the possibility of the big alliance. sex. Compared to the unlimited possibilities of other rookies, Kay’s ceiling is not so high, but at least he can serve as a stable wheel value, the possibility of achieving this goal is also very high, it is a very risky . He has three types of balls, fast balls, curves, and shifts, are given 55 points of score by the large network of official website. (In the 20-80 rating system, 50 is the average level, the larger the number, the excellent representative).

Despite some difficulties in the AAA level, the Blue Birds have harvested a new show of stable investment.

Compared to the stability of Key, Woods Richardson is completely high-risk high-risk. As a two-year show of the metropolis last year, the
metropolitan has paid more than 1.85 million US dollars that exceeded the signed sign of the draft, and after a season, this year is only 18 years old young pitcher already The metropolis system is high in the system. He has already risen many of the first a few alert rankings, and he worships him in the 78.1 bureau. Is an unlimited.

Richardson’s fast ball is a high score of 60 points by the official website. He is close to 3/4 pitching position, with a speed of 97 miles with a sharp curve, plus an increasingly mature speed. Ball, his growth ceiling can be said to be the highest in a rookie.

It can be said that the parcels exchanged by the Blue Bird team have both the power of the large-scale alliance, and there are high-risk high-risk high-risk potential, add a lot of bricks to their reconstruction. New York will likely have follow-up to do other operations, but also continue to pay attention to the deadline for less than 3 days.