MLB-Harper 34 stovedun, Lennde continues to fire the national 6-4 wins the warrior

On September 17, Beijing time, the 2018 season MLB American Professional Baseball Union Competition continued. Atlanta Warriors continued to take the home of Washington. The parties are the last confrontation this season. The basic loss of the season’s hopes is still a good play, and 11 helps to select 6 times, and capture a little bit multiple times. In the final time of the center line, it took 6 points, and the finals were overcome with the Warriors at 6-4, and still maintained the theoretical promotion of the playoffs.

[Data Highlight]

The national first pitcher Tanner-Ro Yak main investment 5.1 bureau was hit by 5 security, 2 points, sent 3 three vibrations, and the self-blame of 4.34, win the 9th wins down next season. In terms of work, the National Team has played 11 security, the center’s stick is excellent, and the 3,4-stick Harper Tone Tongzi 5 security hits include each two-point gun. Two people have 2 points to run back 5 points. Sodo also has 2 支 安 1 points.

The Warrior first pitcher Shawn-Newcastle 3.0 bureau was hit 6 security to lose 5 points, sent 3 three vibrations, swallow the 9th defeat. In terms of work, the Warriors play 8 security, Carribens and Flalles have 1 two-point gun.

[Competition process]

The first bureau of Harper began to bombard, and the entire game was also selected in addition to 2 or two.

The first bureau of Harper began to bombard, and the entire game was also selected in addition to 2 or two.

In the middle of the 1st game, the visited the team’s national first. Turner played the middle line through the hitting, then struggling to hit the teenager Harper’s hit by a home running of 431 feet, this two-point cannon allows the national lead. Linden is selected, and the Sodo will make up a place of play, and Linden will go to the third base. Subsequently, Zimmeire’s wild roll earth forms an inland choice, and Linden returns to the home score. The first half of the 1st game ended, the national leads lead 3-0 leaders.

Swansen makes a wonderful preparation, and quickly killed the first base for the team.

Swansen makes a wonderful preparation, and quickly killed the first base for the team.

In the upper 3 game, Harper first selected to keep it, and Tennden hit a home run. This two-point cannon allows the national to expand its advantage to 5-0.

After the second half, after 2 out of the game, because West Atart is selected, Flals also played a home run and chase the score to 2-5.

The second half of the 8 games, the warrior added the score. After Malkiys hit the base, Carriberson played a home run, the warrior narrows the difference between the points to 1 point, 4-5.

9 bureaus, after 2 out of the game, Harper told the Lennden to play a hit. This year, there is a super bright performance. It is very likely that the best rookie of the country will play a first base, send back to the two bases. This sub-insurance division will once again pull the score to 6-4.

9 second half, the warrior is no longer counterattack, 3 after 3, pay the surrender, the final will lose to the nationals in 4-6, swallow 2 losing streaks.

[Two sides starting]

Washington National: First Bar Sinowen Wild Wild Wild Victor – Robes, Second Battle Triend Turner, Third Wheel Right Field Hand Black Les – Harper, Fourth Radger Anthony – Lunden, Wood left outer wilder Han – Sodo, the sixth stick, Raise, Zimmeire, the seventh stick, Hat, Vitz, eighth sticks, Eighth, Eighth, Adrian, Sanchez, Ninth Pitcher Na Royk

Yada Lanka Warrior: First Bar Left Foreign Word Rhoned Akania, the second stick Baro Ozi – Albes, the third stick棒 right outer wilderness Nick-Malkiys, the fifth rod, three bases Guerrilla Dansby – Swansen, Ninth Bar Pitcher Sean – Newcomm

[Next prospect]

All the two sides of the season ended over, the Warriors have a little more advantage in 10 wins and 9. On September 18th, Beijing time, the national will continue to have a journey, came to the scenery of Miami, macaris that did not want to do. The national expedition Stephen Strasberg first, currently he defeated 8 wins and 7, the self-sharing rate is 3.87. After losing, the Warriors will continue to fight for the Saint Louis Pass for the premiere of the game. The Warriors have not yet announced the first pitcher information. Although the Warriors suffered from losing, it is still ranked first in Guandong District, and the leading advantage has reached 6.5 games. It can be said that a feet have moved into the playoffs. The national generally optimized national is now in the sixth card sixth. There is a 6.5 consecutive winner of the second card, and there is a ticket, the front of the squad, and the philanthill and the Philadelphie. It can be said that unless a miracle occurs, the national national will have to say goodbye to the playoffs. Undoubtedly, this is an incomparably disappointed season for the national ball with their fans.