MLB female fans were smashed by the "Grungy Missile" smashed the team to claim millions of dollars

MLB fans know that “jerseys cannon” is a major feature in the event, and many fans want to be smashed in this lucky gift. There is a fan now, but there is therefore awarded the Houston space!

Space man

Space man “stalls”

According to this fans called Jennifer, in July 2018, she wrapped her left hand when I watched Houston’s game. Mascot Orbit smashed her left hand when interacting with the “jersey shell”, causing
the index finger fracture.

According to Jennifer, I feel painful after being smashed after being smashed, but considering that just a jersey, I didn’t think much.

Today, the doctor said that her finger may have no way to recover, so she claims one million dollars to the space team. Due to Jennifer’s index finger fracture, it is necessary to do two surgery.

For your own experience, Jennifer is hurt: “This is a very unfortunate accident. I just claim to give yourself a sick money.” For Jennifer’s claim, the agency lawyer said that the team did not inform the dangers of the rubber shells in time, as The fans of the team have been hurt.

(Winter Wheat)