MLB Dodge Socks Fan Group Starlights American captain actually "join hands" Batman?

Text / Zhang Zihan

The MLB 2018 season World Competition has been opened, and the Menlian Champion Boston Red Socks and the National Federation Champion Los Angeles Taoism. With the confession of the world contest, the star is also in social media for its own leading platform. Let’s take a look at which big coffee fans in these two teams.

Boston Red Sock Fan Troupe: Comic Superhero + Screen Tough Gu

Chris Evans

Evans became less than a year, and the 20-year-old CBS TV drama “Desperate End” is red. I have won the US countless movie award.

Evans is the bodies of the Boston and shouts in Boston, Boston, Baseball Team. He said many times, he said that his family is Boston’s red sock fans, and he is inherited from his grandfather to him. I will never turn to the other baseball team.

Twitter supports red socks

Twitter supports red socks

If you still don’t know who Evans is, he is a comic role “American captain” Steve Rogers player. This role is placed in the works of multiple mawilian movies. At the multi-game fans, Chris Evans crossed the captain of the red socks and has been wearing a ball cap. Even if you are in the US captain’s clothes, you don’t forget the baseball cap with red socks.

After defeating the defending champion Houston space in Boston, Evans was excited in the stuppost “Way to Go Sox !!! (to do this! Red stockings!)”

Mark Walberg

Walkerberg has been appearing on the screen with a tough guy. He won the 79th Oscar Best Monitor Nomination in 2006. The “Fighter” in 2011 was finalized to the Golden Award. Like the American captain Chris Evans, Mark Walkerberg is growing over Boston.

He had recalling that since childhood, the annual patriot day, his parents took him to Watch the game.

“At that time, our conditions were very general, so we only bought two dollars on the top of the table. My dream is to kick for my favorite red socks.” The dream of Wolberg is finally In 2009, he brought the ball for the team before the red sock team, and the ball was still the soul of the Red Sox – “Old Dad” David – Ortz.

Mark Walberg’s love in red socks also reflected in the evil film “Teddy Bear”, he starred in the movie, a young man who was born in Boston, with a Teddy Bear with a Boston accent. . Fragment ended, Teddy bear climbs the Fenwei Stadium Left Field Sign Green Monster High Wall.

Walberg has also starred in the film “Patriot Day” in Boston Marathon bombings, in Boston Red Socks Memorial Marathon Explosive Competition, and he also worked with B Strong (Boston, strong) clothes to the red garting court for survival. Fighting.

Ben – Aflek

Different in front of the front, Aflek was born in Berkeley, California, moved to the Cambridge City of the Boston River at the age of 7. Cambridge is the world’s famous University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, but Aflek has not been accepted from small academic influence from small to join the baseball team, and hit high school all the way. He also shouted with the media, I loved Red Sox, I am born in California but I really love red stockings!

Aflake and the Matt Damon co-created a “Mind Catcher” were released in 1997, and he plays Will’s friend Chak. The film won nine nominations on the 70th Oscarin Award, and only 25-year-old Aflake won the best original drama award. He has also appeared in the movie “Pearl Harbor”. He in recent years because of playing Batman’s topping.

As the iron socks, Aflek is basically wearing the ball cap with the Red Sox B. Director David, the director David, the director David. The story of the novel is worn by New York Yangli, because Yanji’s red sock is the world-envanting relationship, Aflek turned his face on the spot, claiming that he is a lifetime of red socks, rejecting all the things related to Yangji, and threatening if you really want to wear a baseball Hat, you can’t play yourself. Finally, David-Vinci chose compromise, Aflek also chose to take a step, wearing a ball cap in New York.

Aflake interviewed the New York Times “David-Vinci, I love you, you are a great director, I will do anything for you. But as a red satsu fan, the Yangji has the relationship Everything will be rejected, I will not hesitate. “

Los Angeles Daoqi Fan Troupe: “Batman” and well-known TV host


Joseph – Gordon-Levit is growing up in Los Angeles, he is less famous for his years, and the baseball is not shallow. 13 years old, starring Disney’s Family Comedy “Baseball Angel”, in the comedy, his natural color played a baseball fan, and heard a Daoqi team cap. He has also appeared “The Dream Space”, before Aflek starred in Batman, he also starred in Batman in the movie “Batman: Dark Knight”.

Gordon Levit is always supported by his personal social media. At present, he is carrying a public opinion investigation, and looks at which team thinks to take the World Competition.

“Please don’t invest in the red socks in Bosteon.” He put his fans on the tweet. But the result came out, the reddock team was higher than the support rate of 23% of the 25% support rate.

Mario Lopez

Lopez is a famous American host, who has presided over the MTV Street Dance Competition, and a well-known show such as a star dance. Lopez is born in California, from a small to big, the Dodge fans, he is in the host, but he hopes that his team will enter the World Competition again. Today, Lopez’s dream is achieved. He also shouted in the latest programs, and the World Competition returned to the Dodge Course. He will definitely help out.

“Dodge! #Prayersup (Pray)” Dodge in US time on October 20th on the Farm Warwaukee Silver Strong team, Lopez sent a special support for home teams.

Ashton – Kutche and Mira – Kini

After the famous “Butterfly Effect”, he danced “Hao Han”, and also appeared after Jobs died, “Steve Jobs: Lingguang is now”, in the film, he plays a hand created Apple Qiao Gang.

Kiisi once starred in the comedy “Teddy Bear” in Walkerberg. In the film, she also chased the Teddy bear who was kidnapped by the Boston Feni Stadium. But in real life, Kini is a no-criticistic fan. She is still one of the highest income of 2016.

Ashton-Kuther and Mira-Kini wedding, the two often watched the game while watching the game.

During the World Competition last year, the sixth game of the Houston Space Corps and the Los Angeles Dodge team was held in Dodge Stadium. The Dodgeball Group also invited two people to join the inner response group, and the two handed hands to wave the team flag. I don’t know if there is a superstar husband and wife, and the Dodge team defeated space people at 3-1 in the sixth game.

The fans of both sides are flat, but the red socks on the court are more winning.

Red Sato Fan Group US captain Evans and the current Batman Afflek Belt on Boston Tough Hanwukeberg on the front of the odd fan, predecessor Batman Shaosph, Gordon-Levit and well-known host Lopez and superstar couples. It’s really hard to evaluate which side is more winning, but from the World Contest, the red socks are strong in Dodge.

The first game of red socks hit the pitcher group, the second game … plus the battle

It seems that Dodge Sky Star Fan Group really has to cheer in the back of the Los Angeles. Otherwise, it is really cool. ()