MLB cowshed fuel fire!Double City team defeated angel 8-3 away beat angels

On May 15th, May 15th, the United States, the United States, the United States, Double City, Minnesota, the second game of the angel three consecutive war, in the case of the first firing of both sides, and the cowshed into the challenge of this game.In the sixth, seventh and eighth biases, the double city teams connected to the 8-point reversal battle, and the angels of the fire will eventually defeat 8-3, so Minnesota Shuangcheng will continue to be alone in the US League.

Data highlight:

Double City: Gonzalez 4 play 2 安 2 score 3 points, Poland 4 play 2 play 2 score 2 points, Pi Nachi 6 Location lost 3 points 3 times

Angel Team: Khaill 5 Location Lotten 1 minute 5 times, Turaurt 3 Tit 1 Home Based 1 Press

Competition review:

The United States League is the second Shuangcheng, the first Los Angeles, the second game of the series, and the double city of the visited Pinnea, and the landlord team is from Kakill (Trevor). Cahill) appeared. The skinned season is a human meat ball machine, and 13 hits are ranked second in the league. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the main line of the angel team. Kashore’s previous game is also facing the double city team. The game is less than 5 bureaus is hit by 6 points. This game Card Hill needs to retrieve confidence.

In the second half of the game, the skin of the skin is easy to be played again, and the first person “Shen Trout” “Shen Tao” Trown is directly pulled out of the left outer country. Wall, 1: 0 Angel team first! The landlord, who took the score, continued to blow the attack at the second half of the second game, and this round of rear, BRIAN Goodwin, Rui En Rengifo and Fletcher ( David Fletcher Jointed to contribute 2 score 1 point, help the angel team to get 3-0 leaders in the 2 game.

After the top of the double city team was hit by the double city team, the game Khal looked a lot, and the front five games even only hit a short-range place with Alaiez Arraez, so that the double city played. The line is unresser. After the first two-game chaos after the first two games, it also entered the track, and the three, 4, 5 three games did not lose the score.

The first player of the sixth game, MAX Kepler, in the face of Kakhar hits the second base, so that the angel coach decided to replace him, take over by cowshed. Unexpectedly, the angels will come to the fire today, and Justin Anderson, I will take the next stick Polanco, I’m hit the second base, and the double city team breaks the unsatisfactory situation. Then recently, the hot Gonzalez will then make up the two-point gun. When the angels of the angel, the Caples’ s victory is eligible, and the game returns to the origin.

The skin of the teammates supported by the teammates, the more wealthy, after the sixth game, the next half of the teammates will reward him this day. It is the score of the forefront contribution. After the two bureaus, the Action of Polish Branch is overhead, then the top half will hit the two-point hits of the Barzarez replenishment to a venue rule. The second base is playing, and the double city team will then take a division. I didn’t expect the two-city stroke as if I want to express the depressed depression in front, and Rosario hit two runners on the base. It is even more reasonable to come up with a spring gun, and this time has come to 8-3. Then, the double cow shed was close to the door, and the final game Minnesota picked an angel at 8-3.

Both parties:

Minnesota Double City

First stick right wilder Max – Max Kepler

Second Bar Guard Holhi – Polish (Jorge Polanco)

Third rod designation against Marwen Gonzalez

The fourth stick left outer wilder Eddie – EDDIE ROSARIO

The fifth stick is a base base C. J. Clon (C. J. Cron)

Louis Arraez, sixth stick

Jonathan Schoop Jonathan Schoop

Eighth Bar Catcher Jason – Jason Castro

Ninth Bar Sinovies Bayon – Byron Buxton

Los Angeles Angel Team

First stick Tommy Lastella

Second Bar Mike Mike – Mike Trout

Third rod designated to combat Da Valong

The fourth stick, Albert Pujols

The fifth rod right wilder Hole Cal Calhoun

Sixth Catcher – Smith (Kewan Smith)

The seventh rod left outer wilder Brian Gudewin

Eighth sticks Louis Rui Enfo (Luis Rengifo)

Ninth Bar Guardian David – Fletcher

Looking tomorrow:

In the last game of Shuangcheng to Los Angeles Kickhouse, Minnesota sent a handsome Penzi, which was one of the best eyes. Perz can be said to be one
of the big surprises this season. After the Triken Rouvet has been in the 7 seasons, this season will go to the double city but cast a career best results, 6 wins and 1 losses 2.89 The self-sharing rate is almost the best career, and he is also likely to be selected for the first time in this season. On the other hand, Harvey did not have a pressure-saving force, so it’s hard to find some of the “Dark Knight” in the Red Squad. This season came to Los Angeles again. However, in nearly 5 games, he has a little going back, but can it be able to successfully solve the modern double-city team?