MLB cow shed surgery rescue pitcher wheel battle does not stand it?

(Wen / Sam Miller ESPN) will feel that the cow shed tactics in the external card wars is very weird, and some people think that the winemaker will send the pitcher should not be in the case of only 5 games.However, it is not.

Sports team of pseudo

Sports team of pseudo

The reason why it feels weird because of more than a hundred years, the baseball industry is not playing.The sports team opened a trick-to-death outside, and then put it on one or two other pitks to go through the whole game, adhering to the design rather than demand, shake us commonBaseball pattern, this is also a trick that this season is often used by rays and other teams.

However, the baseball community often has some rare weird gadgets, and it is not so strange to understand the origin.

1. This is the headline of Totipa News, April 11, 1903:

McGraw’s latest plan: two pitches will be used in the game.

This is the dawn before the birth of the cowshed. In the early baseball, the number of players did not allow for people, and the relay pitcher must be wilder. The rules of the 1990s began to loosen and made the main coaches’ choice. In 1902, Chicago White Sox came to the head of Clark Griffness,
began to reunion in the first firing fatigue, which can be frightened by traditional baseball fans, because the pitcher is not a big news.

McGura’s radical “sensational” plan is: First, the pitcher is only 5 games instead of the preset 9 bureau, which is over the remaining 4 games from the second pitcher. He believes that this is better than a pitcher, first of all, the first firing will not be too fatigue (many games are lost in the one or two games that can not stick to it), and will not let the player is too familiar with the pitcher. . This strategy will not be too crushing the energy of the first pitcher, and make each pitcher play his own strongest side.

However, McGraw’s first game pitcher is super good, so McGraw makes him finished, and the second first farther is as good as it is, he has lost. So McGraw said that the only thing worthy of this program is that the relay pitcher is not so good. So he did not perform the plan they claimed.

For a certain day of 2.1949, the young king of the St. Louis Brown team Did Gaffe has passed the 1st game, and then went to change a patch, 9 pitters voted 1 game, including the Brunt’s first round value Other pitcher. It is worth explanation, this is the last game of the season, not the creation of the Brown team management in the new season. Gaffe has explained this reason for the media, which is a spontaneous idea of ??pitcher. One day is very good, so that players have to face a different pitcher. This is also the idea of ??this season’s radum and sports team.

Brown did not continue to do this in the next season. If it is not the previous time, it is estimated that it is estimated that it is estimated. The interpretation of Gaffe is very easy to understand, but that game they did not win.

3. In 1990, Pittsburgh Pirates announced that the right to relay pitcher Ted – Ball will first send a national union championship six games, their wishful abacus is to let the opponent’s arms first send a pile of left bearer, then the pirate will let the true left In the first time, Smith is a long second, but the plan did not make it effective, the red man only put a left chest in the first boy, and the pirate was only 2 points, or lost the game. And the head coach Leland has also gained a lot of bad nouns, what “fraud”, “trick”, “vertical”, etc. The red team’s player said: they are not confident that the pitcher Smith can let us go out.

4. Two years later, Tang Ni-Lusa tried to make the prototype of cowshed tactics. What we said is usually not the most in the game, and generally only shooting 1-2 bureaus will be paved with other pitks. Cow shed tactics means a bunch of pitks to cast 1-2 bureaus rather than saying that it is expected to hold longer. These two strategies are often used this season, but it still does not have the same.

Ben – Lindberg describes the mid-term strategic adjustment of the 1993 Sports Family team in the Sports Family team this year, unlike traditional first round values ??and cowshed teams, sports teams use wheels tactics, and three pitcher pickers every three days. There are four relay pitcher to play the ball when they need it, and the ideal state is that all pitcher will not fatigue, nor will it face three times in the same stroke. However, after the implementation of the program, there were only a few days after the implementation, the sports team became a strip of the stroke, so the system was sentenced to death after two rounds.

5. When the new attempt is carried out in Lusa, this movement of the baseball is also increasingly important. All teams are planning how to make pitchers play more potential, but also keep them do not lose fatigue, how to control the number of localities and let the team need them to play, how to balance the demand for single games and long season Although the starters and Niu Peng are not popular, the discussion of pitcher applications is very enthusiastic. The author of many baseball columns also wrote a lot of articles.

In 2013, in the life and death battle of the Meidian partition championship, the radiance Joe-Madden (the current won team main coach) used cowshed tactics, first sent an 8 relay pitcher. Then 1: 3 lost the game.

6. So say “I can’t blame.” It is like a donut and ambiguzzle. You like to eat donuts, you will eat every day, but maybe you want to taste almond cakes, because you think that it should be very delicious. If you feel less delicious, you may return to the day of donuts.

However, in the current, all of the above tests appear to have failed. The Alliance does not resist new attempts and ideas, but usually new ideas are relatively fragile and need to be supported.

In April for a certain year, the white socks were in the Walkkelland Indians, and the first barted Russell, and the top 5 players of the Indian team were left-handed, Russel was letting this 5 beats After being out of the game, I was replaced by the right head and cast a 7.1 bureau, and finally the white sock 7: 0 wins.

This looks like an example of a starter, but the complete story is Raisea early retreat because it is hit by a flat-free ball, not a pre-arrangement.

Therefore, there are often people in the history of the baseball. They will try to start their people and Niu Peng, which will imitate them as delicious as almond cakes, will think that the success of Russell and Skat. It will be as perfect as the radiance in May this season, so there is at least 6 teams in this season. This is not a strange strategy, just if you get together, you have to live.