MLB – cow shed pitcher Schisk grabs 7 out of the bureau rescue bear bears 6-5 victims

On the morning of May 20th, Beijing time, the US duty wander has ended a game, and the Chicago Cabin team challenges the Washington National Team. The first four games in the bearings have been won, but the nationals suddenly have a sudden extensive, two The home running will be divided into just 1 point. When the key time, the small bear cow shed pitcher Xishek appeared, grabbed 7 out of the rescue, helping the players to accept the game, 6-5 dancing, two teams, two teams, 2- 1 won.

Data highlight

Washington National

The national first pitcher Herrickson three games have dropped three points, playing is not ideal; Pala 4 play 3 play, Eaton also has two security to be advertised, Mr. Went is a three-point gun, playing on behalf of the game KFRK also has a home run.

Chicago Bear

In the case of the first three games of Hendrick, the top 3 of the first 3 games, 5.2 proceeded 4 points; hitting, hitting, Schwaber hit 1 security, and two sacrificed hits, Zuzzo 4 Tit 1 is awkward, it is a home run.

Game process

The national pitcher Jeremy Herriksen came to join three guarantees, and the bear is a good situation that is unattended. Bashen is blowing, although it is rolling the earth, but also hits the bears. The first point. Then Herrick Sensen has problems, put the Bell, Triaz, once again formed, but Descasy hit the earth to stop, launch the double kill, the national team is hard Next half.

After the second bureau of the
bear, after the second and third bases, Schwaber sacrificed the second point of the boy, the two games ended, and the bear 2-0 leaded.

The bears also scored in the third game. In the last one, he hit a river spring gun. This is the 11th of his personal season, the bear pitcher, the recent state of Hendricks nine nine , Perfect first round.

The fourth game of the Bear is the second base, and one person is out of the game, and it is Schwaber, the second sacrifice of single field, the bear 4-0 leads.

The second half of the country is chasing a point, but the sixth game, Hendrick’s sacrificial strike makes the difference to return to 4 points, and Brines then make up a place in the first half of the six games. Bear 6-1 leads.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, the wind is mutant, and the three-sided scorpion of Linden will pursue 4-6. The national only two points, then the nationals captured the second or third bases, and the bear coach resolved the crisis.

In the second half of the seventh place, KFRX, who was played, chased the home, 5-6, and the national will only fall behind.

The two teams subsequently have no points, and the bear finally lost 6-5 dancing, and STRK grabbed 7 out.

Both sides

Washington National

First stick guerrilla Tre-Turner

The second stick right wilder Adam – Eaton

Third stick, three bases, Anthony

Fourth stick left outer wilder Han-Sodo

Fifth rod catcher Suzukiqing

Sixth stick, a barrier, Girand, Pala

Seventh stick two bases Brian – Dozer

Eighth battles, Jeremi Herick

Ninth Bar Sinowfield Victor – Robury

Chicago Bear

First stick left outer wilder Kyle, Schwar

Second stick, three base, Chris Bryant

Third stick, Anthony, Rizo

Fourth Battle Harville – Ba Dez

Fifth Bar Catcher Wilson – Conitreras

Sixth sticks Two bases Daniel Descaso

Seventh stick right wilder Jason – Hayward

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Albert – Almora

Ninth stick, Kyle, Hendrick

Next look

Tomorrow’s national will move the new York to challenge the most popular most popular, and the recent two have a total of 3 security horses. There is no score. The national will send a first pitcher Patrick-Cole Boa, he Three times in the season will be paid in the premium first, and the last game has lost one point.

The bear is returned to Chicago to fight another National Eastern Glass team Philadelphians. The first firman of Philadelphians Ali Tita has taken the competition in the couch, and he will rely on the land, and he will summon to the audience. The last wonderful pitcher war.

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