MLB Auckland Athletic Announcement New Stadium Plan Existing Old Stadium will be transformed into park

November 30th, the local time on Thursday, the Auckland sportsman announced the team will build a new stadium, where the Hopard Terminal, the new site is about 10 kilometers away from the existing home, located on the bay, and the scenery is pleasant.

Sports are believed to give fans better experience environments, bringing higher box office and income. The team will be careful to deal with the relationship between the stadium and the surrounding area, planning to “the baseball field in the park”. The new stadium has 34,000 seats, which is scheduled to start in 2020 and put it in the 2023 season.

The construction cost of the new court will be completely raised by private raising, the Mayor of Auckland is awarded the agreement, and some specific programs are still negotiating, and now they just started.

The Auckland Sports Home At home Auckland – Alameda Arena was once a benchmark court of North American professional movement. In the 1960s, the United States once popular MLB and NFL shared courses, this is considered an advanced concept, such as pirate-steel shared Pittsburgh Sanhe Stadium, Shuangcheng -wi Jing, Minnesota, Giants – Giants – 49 people shared San Francisco candlestick, etc. Moreover, the Auckland Arena and the main layout of the Jinzhou Warriors are resident, including the three professional alliance teams in this city, which can be described as leading the first time.

However, the transit is moved, and such multi-purpose courses become increasingly inconsistent. Every year from April to July, the Auckland Arena mainly acts as a baseball field, starting in October (if the sportsist can not be able to enter the playoffs), it is mainly used as a football court. However, during the Summet MLB and NFL season, the Auckland Arena often converts between baseball uses and football purposes, pitting the surface of the hill, the field, etc., the surface of the field is unable to replace the grass surface, which causes great troubles on the rugby game. .

The Auckland Arena is not only inconvenient. Other facilities that have been standard in modern stadiums are not too old, but the fans’ viewing experience is not better than the team, and the call to remove it has long been . After the NFL Alliance approved, the unbearable Auckland raid will move to Las Vegas in the 2020 season. Now the sportsist also announced the blueprint of the new court, which means that the stadium built in 1966 will be talented in the last half of the service.

According to the plan, the Auckland Arena will be demolished, and the original site has been used to build a small-scale baseball field for young people. The surroundings will also be aid for a new community environment.

Foreign media exposure Auckland sports home new stadium renderings

Foreign media exposure Auckland sports home new stadium renderings

The special website on the new court has been launched, introducing the fans and citizens to introduce the philosophy and construction progress of the stadium. What is embarrassing is that a careful fans discovers that the designer hired by the play with a realistic baseball game. The design team draws the rendering of the new court on the basis of the old photos. The player’s movement is exactly the same. However, the colors of the jersey team have been changed to the greenery of the sportsist.

Of course, such a small episode does not hinder what hampes on the construction of the new court. In another rendering, the “2023 World Contest” banner is hung in front of the field, this year, the Auckland sportsman is in the next half of the season, and successfully kills the playoffs, staged “magic ball 2.0”. If the sportsist will continue to build, reinforce the team’s war, then win the championship in the new court, this script is absolutely wonderful to Auckland.