MELE MVP competes to become more likely to make the mouse cloth Lege Gman? Can you challenge the gods of the gods?

September 25th, during a leaphouse World Competition, people often see the Houston Space People’s Three Square Alex-Bregman sitting in the team locker room and refueling Louisiana. After the team won the championship, the player of the former Louisiana State University invited the tall players to watch the spaceman’s game to Houston.

When the small players finally came to the scene in the last stage of the regular season of the Space this season, Braggman asked them to ask them to: “When you play less world contest,) You left the school. How long? “

Louisiana’s team’s team, 12-year-old Ryd-Plear, immediately replied: “Two and a half weeks!”

“This is great, I believe that you are very happy to go to school.” Bregman replied. However, after reading the camera around him, he quickly added: “Of course, I am very important to school, but I mean, the baseball is more interesting, isn’t it?”

This is Alex Bregman, and he has never changed the obsession with baseball, and this obsession also helped him constantly improve his baseball skills and become one of the best baseball players on this planet. Now he also shares this enthusiasm to these tall players.

“I think if you can’t make an obsessed, then you can’t do it best. Anything is not simple, so trying to let you reach a level, you can keep you at this level.”

AJ-Csiqi and Breggman

AJ-Csiqi and Breggman

“He is a ‘baseball mouse’,” the total coach of the space man said. “He prefer baseball than anyone I have seen. Everyone knows that he is working hard every day, no one is surprised by him is one of MVP candidates.”

Bregman is a powerful compete for a MVP by step by step by step. His outstanding performance helped the Spaceman got the Messian West District championship for three consecutive seasons, and three consecutive hundred gains season. His data (until today) – 39 rampy,
76 pens, run back to 117 points, returned 108 points, the victory contribution of 7.8 – also showed his ability.

However, Simic Coach believes that these data cannot fully explain his value: “If you stay with us for a while, you can know that he has an important influence on our team and locked room. He has a very good The players are around him. He is the ‘valuable’ player needed in our alliance. I am proud of him. We ask Alex as a lot of things this season, he played a lot of games, I played a lot, I also put him on a different hitting stick. He is a very good player, constantly working hard, keep progress. I can’t find a more suitable word to praise his attitude towards the baseball, and help the ball The extent of the team. “

His teammate, former US FL MVP Jose – Otti said: “When I see mature like Alex, when I am a smart player, I have the only suggestion that I can give him the best MVP is to work hard, make sure Success will not affect him. But for Alex, we don’t need to worry about it at all. “

Last year, Breggman ranked fifth in the US MVP voting. Although the data from this season is similar to the last season, he moved the guerrilla because of the injury of Carlos Coria, which made him suddenly soared. His critical preparational success rate is 0.985, if he can have a sufficient number of appearances in the position, then this success rate is enough to let him rank in the fourth place in the big alliance guerrilla.

Because of multiple injuries, only 75 space people who appeared only this season, Krea said: “The team is very important. He is able to defend all positions, where is it, where you need it, This is very important to us. “

Braggman and Tura (as of September 20 data contrast)

Braggman and Tura (as of September 20 data contrast)

Of course, the most valuable players of the United States unable to go around is the “Shen Tao” Mike Turpit of Los Angeles Angel. However, the two MVPs were absent from the remaining season because of the foot surgery, which also means that the data in this season is therefore fixed, and the angel has once again been played again. However, Tuuri is still the biggest popular of MVP. But in Houston, no one agrees.

Yeri Guriel said: “Braggman is very important to us. Everyone can see his performance this season. For me, although there are so many excellent players in the alliance, Bregman is me. MVP in the mind. He has barely missed the game, and it is very exciting to see his game. “

Among the exchange of Bregman and Louisiana tall, they talked about several small players of the Venezuela team and they made friends, but they could not communicate because of language problems. Bregman from Albeckki, New Mexico told them that in order to communicate with his teammates, he learned Spanish when he was in the same age.

“He feels that he is a Latino player, and it is still practicing his Spanish while playing.” Guirier said. “He walked over to me, began to tell the Spanish sentences he would make me laugh every time, but he has continuous progress in these two years of Spanish level, but he still has a long time. Road needs to go. “

These qualities make his MVP campaign resume very special. He not only has the desire to win, not only has excellent blow, not only has excellent gaze, but more importantly, he understands the people around them, helping them to relax or mobilize their emotions when necessary.

Otti said: “There is such leadership ability in the age of 25, which is very amazing. Our old players are around him, and young people are following his footsteps.”

In a team that is expected to win two crowns in three years, Braggman is the person who condenses the team. That’s why he is the most valuable player of space people, and is one of the most valuable players of the Alliance.