Master Huo talks about "dressing room toxicoma": The Lakers Leaves 400% of the salary less

Master Huo is really down on the water today!

When receiving the “GQ” interview in the near future, Huo Master said that there was a day after being labeled with the “Clothes Room Tax”.

Indeed, the past is unbearable, and he uses his example in the Hornets. It is the fourteent season of Howard, and the field can cut the two pairs of data of 16.2 minutes 12.5 rebounds, but there is no sign in the case of ruthless transactions. .

Even he himself also said that the speech on “Howard dressing room toxicoma” has become more intensified, and it is spread like a virus.

“I don’t want to say the confensement period, when I was in the eagle in the previous season, I was also rated as the best teammate. Then I rumored it later.” Howard is indignant to this.

In his opinion, this is obviously that some people use the behavior of the story to reduce his price, and they are more impossible to pay for the parties, but they did not expect things to spread to the point where they were unable to return, and finally they realized the seriousness of the problem. When you want to explain it, it is obvious that it is too late;

Because the explanation is to cover up, the cover is really true, and the result can only be a double loss.

Huo Master also uses him as a reference last season.

“Take a closer look at the time last season, if you play 20-25 minutes per night, our field can grab more than 17 rebounds. Value assessment shows that this season Lakers will pay less 400% of the salary.”

Talking about 17 rebounds for the current Huo Shif Fu, in this small ball era, the averaging brush 11, 12 rebounds should be a problem;

Only Huo Master is hard to create internal kills because of his physical talent, so it can have a team to give him more than 30 minutes or more.

Just because “Lakers pay less pay for me four times salary” makes people discuss all, I feel that Huo Master is still auxiliary with the arms before, or is it or my heart?

球 君 认 事 事 事 内容 内容 难 看 调 调 调 自己 自己 自己 调 调 调 调 调 调 造 调 调 调 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 人 造 造 造 造 造 造 造 造The “Cheap Contract” is now “value contract” in the mouth of people.

In fact, Huo Master is just in the lake team salary. This is how it is harmful to him, and the original words are “like a lot of money from his own”, as for this hint from the team, at least I I didn’t see what big clues in this conversation.

Similarly, in the name of the media for the new season Lakers’ giants, Howard is also unwilling, because people always mention “Zhan Mengwega” four giants, but ignore ourselves.

It is also known that the two is also inner and outer lines in the east, and I will meet all the year.

A single core rate team scored the finals of the finals, one was to defeat the Lakers in the middle of the three giants to defeat the championship. No matter the ability, achievement or qualifications, indeed
be included in the category of fans.

Finally, there is 75 big elections, Howard is more likely to have thousands of layers:

“I was very upset when I was just getting this news, but I didn’t take it too much. I have already expected that I may not be selected, because NBA has been trying to abandon me.”

If there is still a question of Huo Master’s achievements, then you may wish to see his rich history:

The best defensive players in the three consecutive times, the five-year rebound king, the two cap kings, the championship champion, the best lineup, the best defending, eight all-star players ….

How can such a player, how may it be non-matching?