Make a smile and enemies? Black Panther Safe Wei Did said that 49 people in the old elder family without emotions

October 24th (Wen / ESPN David Newton Compilation / White) October 27th, NFLs will be fully opened in the eighth week of regular season, and a heavy head of this wheel is 4 consecutive victories of Carolina Black Leopard. The only San Francisco in the San Francisco that keeps unbearable. Black Leopard Safety Weirick Reid is not intended to take “revenge” or “bitter” emotions to treat old people.

“I just won’t forget the time there.” Reed said in an interview on October 23 to talk about 49 people in San Francisco, this is the first time when he left the Bay area. As we all know, in 2016, Reed was the first player with Kelin Kaepernick. From then, Reid is a total of cards in the whole season, line Weili Harold is together.

2017 Saidi continued to repeat this movement throughout the season, and in many public occasions, he expressed his dissatisfaction with racial oppression. After the contract expires, 49 people did not have to continue to think about the meaning of Dede, and he stayed in the free market for a while. In May 2018, the NFL player will file a complaint to NFL on behalf of NFL, and the alliance and the bosses are ignorant, preventing him from finding work, he also hired a lawyer to accuse the President Donald – Trump.

Until the end of September 2018, when the NFL season was about to start, Riddles were signed by the Black Panther. At the last day, the Black Panther team and the Rid signed a new contract with a slightly higher value of $ 22 million. In fact, after the Black Leopard, Ridders still insisted on the pre-match national anthem.

Capenik also made a complaint against NFL. He didn’t play a game after the 2016 season. This year, two players are finally resolved on the dissatisfaction with the league. All of these field factors affect the views of the 49 people. Since 49 people signed in 2013, the Ridders are sitting in the rookie season, for 49 people. 5 years, there is a good play in the game.

“It is definitely because they treat Colin’s way, I feel there, I have suffered the same incoming treatment.” Rid talked about the feelings of 49 people: “They manage the team’s way, you ask you to ask Where the players stay there, they will tell you the same answer. “

At the same time, Reed also refused to replace Navorro Bowman to replace Navorro Bowman to replace Navorro Bowman in 2017 to replace Navorro Bowman, and then 49 people After the expiration, he did not hesitate to make him a free player. “I remember that they changed my position in the contract year.” Reed said: “They cut Navaro, but also let me go to replace his position, he is in 2015, but the union expert.”

“They told me that this is the most favorable thing for the team. I don’t agree. I think there is a NFL to hold the king is the most correct choice, but I still follow them.” It is said that 49 people I also sent an invitation to Reid last year, but Rid is obviously unwilling to return to this sad place.

The Black Panther’s coach Ron Rivera said he didn’t worry about the little emotions of Rudder, because last year, Riddles also angry because of the values ??of Valentine’s Eagle player Markham Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins). Jenkins as a joint founder and person in charge of the NFL player trade union, and initially replaced a protest action, but Jenkins was in front of two seasons in the cause of “important” in NFL and players. The protests were stopped, and Reed thought that Jenkins was bought by NFL, betrayed the business and sold Kareny, thus compromising in national anthem.

“Everyone has faith, it is perhaps different reasons for everyone. Eric also,” Reed said: “Eric will do what he should do, he is a very professional player. He will On the market, according to our tactical layout, tell the truth, I don’t worry at him. “