Losing Houluojiesi Packers will face the gap vows comeback

Although Aaron – Rogers 36 years old, just being in the National League Championship Series to the San Francisco 49ers score out of 37 than 20, but he still thinks he and the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl again with the hope of impact.

Maybe this is the reason Rogers after the game still remain optimistic mindset. Packers offensive and defensive ends of the race is finished blasting opponents, he is very disappointed with the results of the competition, even though he took away the first time how the Super Bowl a year, but the team’s progress this year Rogers was satisfied.

Rogers third career crashed when the game NLCS, but he felt the Packers will be back in the near future: “a champion window has been opened, we believe the future to win the National League champion to advance the Super Bowl this people very excited. even to reach this goal requires a lot of effort, you can see the team moving in a positive direction, leads people to the future with hope. “

If the Packers want to be like Rogers said the same back to the Super Bowl, then they need to do further reinforcement, and make up the gap between the top teams such as the League of Nations 49 people. This NLCS undoubtedly reveal these gaps. Packaging Gongben count the playoffs last season lost a total of only 4 games, including two games of the opponent is 49 people. If look at these two games the first half, a total of two games the score is 1-0 50,49 people occupy an overwhelming advantage.

“This gap looked great. They were ringing off the hook us twice, but I think the actual gap between the two teams is not so much the face of them, we spot to play is not stable, of course, we are two games away from home it also widened the gap between the two teams I mentioned earlier, the difference between home and away matches is very large. mixed with snow games and scenarios in the warm climate of Southern California in the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit a world of difference. “

Rogers career played a total of 4 times the NLCS, all on the road. Only in 2011, he was defeated in the Windy City of Chicago Bears in the same district rivals, entered the final of the Super Bowl and win the championship. While Rogers is not convinced of losing, but his overall performance this season, the Packers are very satisfied. Two seasons ago the Packers are less negative and more wins, season last season in the Super Bowl feats also fired coach Mike – McCarthy this season, the Packers in the case of the outside world are not optimistic about the way into the medal final of the League of Nations, much higher than the Rogers own expectations.

“This season is very special to me, the game finally became interesting..,” General manager Brian Rogers – Guthrie Kunst team management and reinforcing action last season, offseason very satisfied, which the most impressive is signed free agent Preston – Smith and 扎达里厄斯 – Smith.

“Beginning of the season nobody thought we could get the north country champion, the fact is that we not only got the division title, while at home we also beat the Seahawks hit the National League championship finals. But unfortunately we did not go further, this is a bit disappointing At the same time I realized that my career has been late to enter, so this sad mood a bit more. of course, now such a sentimental mood more strongly than before, because I want to know how hard to hit the NLCS. Given All of our personnel adjustments and the new system into the offseason, we have achieved this success should not be the final defeat and negate the efforts of the whole team. “

National League Championship Series, the Rogers data is good. His 39 successful passes 31 times, came 326 yards and has two touchdowns, but also 1 2 steals off the ball. There are three turnovers occurred twice in the first half. The new coach comes to rookie Matt – Lafleur contribution, Rogers and the team’s leading wide receiver De Levante – Adams are recognized Lafleur will be transformed into a “dominant player” team the Packers.

Adams said of Lafleur: “He gave the team a lot of hope in the league every game is very difficult, especially for a new coach, especially when playing in the new system of ball offseason. team coaching staff, leaving only 2,3 personal, others are new faces, everything must start from the run-in. this step can go now, it is expected to impact the Super Bowl which was great. there are a lot of inside Lafleur credit. “