Lipper: Chinese football has returned 20 years ago, there will never be Brazilian aid to play.

On November 06, the Soccer Jersey Discount Japanese media “Goal” report said that November 4th, the former Japanese team main coach Zucherroni and the former Italian team coach Safi and the former Chinese team coach Lipper, in Safi hometown Fuxinao conducted a dialogue. In this dialogue, these three Italian bistro have reviewed their own football career.

Safi reviewed his childhood, he said that he likes football from a child, and also likes Brazil and Real Madrid.

Riben recalled his experience in China. He has served as the head of Guangzhou Evergrande and China National Team, Soccer Jersey Discount compared to a few years ago, the world famous players took a high-priced annual salary in China. He said: “In 2012, when I just came to China, Guangzhou Evergrande boss immediately asked me that I could draw a group in the five years. I said I can’t predict. Liverpool Jersey But I gave it. He wrote the name that helped me to achieve this goal. So, I led Guangzhou Evergrande. It compared to those years, now Chinese football seems to return 20 years ago, including the annual salary Inside, all the things related to football shrink, no Chelsea Jersey longer have a powerful Brazilian player to come to the Chinese league. “

Finally, Zakcheroni reviewed his coaching experience in the Japanese national team, expressed very fulfilling. “Japan started from the Asian team, but many games just won a ball. But under my command, the Japanese team can enter 4 or 5 balls. I really successfully created a best Japanese team. It is a team that everyone feels great. And Japan’s players and European and South America’s personalism are completely different. They like to win the victory with team football. “

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