Lightning kills suspense, 15 winning teams are crushing in the east, and the back is more energetic.

A focus war in the NBA regular season, the peak of the East and Western, the West, the second Phoenix Sun team, challenged the first Brooklyn Net. The big mistakes, only to play a lot, the Sun team kills suspense, leading to 20 points, but the team with a 3-day standing is more energetic.

At present, the solar team will temporarily temporarily rank in the second place in the west. It is second only to Jinzhou Warriors, and there is only one won. Now it is the momentum of 15 consecutive victories. It is close to the team history. Fertail. The basket network is 14 wins and 5, the east is the first in the east. Therefore, the outside world is very high for this game, and it is considered to be a battle of Mars, and even call the finals.

However, after really playing, it makes people fall into the glasses. Available in the scene, and it is a solar team that is back. It is simply a rainbow. It is unlimited. It’s a sudden drop away, quickly pull the division, then stabilize the opponent, then the scene is like a super weak tour.

Single-quarry 34 points + net win 14 points, this is the gap between the first quartz. After a duty, the state of the Sun team is still in the state, and the second section will continue to expand the divorce, and quickly pull it to 20 points. For such a peak pair, the gap between 20 points is great, and it can even say that it will kill the competition in advance.

German-Bark broke out, his first quarter cut a lot of 16 more. The solar team is in the attack and defensive conversion speed, the breakthrough in the position of the battle, transfer, fight the rebound, etc., all better than the basket network, the game is completely in their rhythm.

The Nets has been in a desperate, and the routine play is not used. It is necessary to let the super superstar stand out to fight hardballs. From the first election, Kevin Durant is not very excited, Haden is called the ball. Does the old Aldrridge pick the big beam? Therefore, it has to be a double giant. And the Sun Team, as long as you keep your rhythm, 16 winning is looking forward.