Li Tie: Leave the Ocean is to solve the most important means of Chinese football problems, the faster you can go out.

Live Bar November 6th, Li Tie Football Shirts Wholesale received an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency and talked about the player.

“The Ocean is the best way to enhance players. This is also one of the most important means to solve Chinese football problems in the last decade, because you need time. So I now specially Manchester United Jersey encourage players, especially young players. I told them, If you can go out, the better, I will give you the greatest help. Don’t be afraid of kicking, you must try to experience, this is the way to go in the future. Like Wu Lei, it is necessary Lionel messi Jersey to persist. ” Li Tie said, “We go to Sharjah this time, if there are more than a dozen players come from Europe, like Wu Lei to kick the league, then many questions are solved.”

“Put the relatively potential younger generation as soon as possible, in the future Liverpool Jersey they can reach the national team’s level. In fact, I don’t have to go to the five major leagues, go to Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, and the British crowns, Deyi’s secondary league can Improve. I hope that the current young players can have such ideas and goals. “Li Tie said.