Lakers win three giants happy to exchange! Zhan Huang revealed that the abdominal injury did not recurrence, and the near three battlefields were 34 points.

On November 29, Beijing time, the Lakers https://www.nbatrikots4.comhosted by 110-106, the record became 11 wins and 11-load winning rate and returned to 50%; James god 37 minutes 20 shots 12, three points 8 4 get 33 points 9 assists 5 rebound 2 steals 1 cover; after the game, James is safe, and the abdominal injury is not aggravated, and the injury has not recurred.

At the end of the end, James hit the waist in an offense, then he was very painful, hurting his teeth, hurting his mouth, fortunately, the team won the victory; after the game, he talked about the abdomen injury, James said something will sometimes Not suitable, but the injury and recurrence: I am very good, I will be prepared for Wednesday.

James also said that it is extremely angry with the king of the last three plus.

When it is said that the prior to improper remarks is warned, James said that he just said, “seeing ghosts, crazy”, “talking about the team’s record, James said: This is the biggest challenge in my career, but This can inspire the best me.

It is worth mentioning that after 7.5 seconds left, after the Lakers locked the victory, James, the eyebrows and the Wei Shagong smiled and exchanged, celebrated the victory in advance, winning the ball.

James has already played 30+ performances in three consecutive times –
39 points for the squaders, got 30 points for the kings, today got 33 points for the causing pusher, and 34 points in the three battlefields 8.7 assists 5.7 rebounds; when James play The Lakers will be 7 wins this season, and the anti-Lakers will be 4 wins and 7 losses. This is the impact of the three-year-old man on the Lakers.

Today, the Lakers’ third quarter has a 16-0 super offensive, for the winning bottom of the bottom, the Lakers win another reason is the whole team 32 assists, but the Lakers are thrilling and winning, leading too much to relax. It is also committed.