Just today! The old ship will be sicking, Durant completes 150 million US dollars, and retiring from NBA

At present, the NBA regular season is in full swing, and the participating teams are actively preparing for the more than one level of the game, and strive to help the team get more rejuvenated in the rankings in the playoffs. Faster, I finally boarded the stage of the finals, attracted https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com tens of thousands of fans. At the same time, the dynamics outside the game is also worthy of attention, the shuttle will be cut, Durant completes 150 million US dollars, and the small plus will retire from the NBA, let us go to see.

Earlier this earlier, the rapids of the rapids of Jiji-Ferreier will be brought to the old East, because he is not reused in the team. According to aware of the news, the Pasaninkos club in the Greek Basketball League will cut off the front NBA player Ferreier, the latter is dissatisfied with the play time and the role on the field. It is worth mentioning that Ferreze is the first NBA player of the first quarter of the season. In the past season, the average of the game can get 5.5 points 2.2 Assistant 2.0 rebound data.

Second, the basketball star Durant has just completed a heavy transaction, and https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
he completed another investment during his career. According to the news, the basketball Star Durant has been renovated to a basketball hall, which is expected to earn a big investment in this huge investment. It is worth mentioning that this is the first huge amount of investment in Durant career. He has been a great victory in some scientific and sports investments, got a considerable return.

On this day, the former Lakers players Mark Gasol officially farewell to NBA, he accepted the invitation of overseas league, no longer returning to the NBA. Sources revealed that Small Gasol announced the Joining Spanish Basketball League, the 36-year-old small plus will retire from the NBA. As of last season, Small Gasol was in the 13 seasons in NBA. During the selection of all-star, the best defensive player was selected and got a dream https://www.nbatrikots4.com of the Oblan Cup, which was one of the most successful stars in NBA history.