Jiangsu Province Football Association talks from Jiangsu Football Club to stop operation: expressed attention and regret

According to the official micro-signal news of Jiangsu Provincial Football Association, on February 28th, Jiangsu Football Club (former Jiangsu Suning Football Club) announced its operation of the team.The Jiangsu Provincial Football Association’s responsible comrades said that the Jiangsu Football Club is a limited liability company registered in the market supervision department. In accordance with the market law and the Chinese Football Association requires the legal person of the independent operation, its business activities follow the principles of marketization and legalization.We respect the decisions made by investors, but also expressed concern and regretted the operation of the clubs to the teams, and call on the vagada to be treated, continue to support the development of Jiangsu todays hot news in hindi football, and india national news channels jointly create blacked living in the moment a good environmental atmosphere.