James elbow incident fermentation, retired star exposure NBA "hidden rules", poke a smile


Laughing, James led to the NBA career “Late Festival Not guarantee”? How do you say a foreign fans?

Recently, the NBA regular Salanga team will win, James is in exchange for a team’s victory, starting from the beginning of the season, NBA ratings, and the heat cliffs have been in the game. No heat, today James this elbow finally ignited the heat of NBA.

I believe that many fans have seen this scene, the third quarter of the game, LeBron James hit the face of Saia Stewart, Stutwavat saw the blood and angry, crazy, rushing to James to fight return.

Since the right eye in Stewart, the team doctor has emergently handled eight needles to stop bleeding. James was expelled from 2 times due to technical foul, and Stewart was expelled from “multiple non-sports behavior”.

It is worth mentioning that this https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com season, the front teammates of Stewart and Brooklyn Nets were entangled in a game, and the two gunpowder was full. The impulsive character of Stewart has also been seen in the eyes by many team brokers.

It is important to know that he is guilty of guilty, the future or affected by the Skyst, and James’s style is also continuous decline, and the end of the career has become a late day.

Let’s take a look at foreign media reports on this incident, and the evaluation of fans, and there are many emoticons in the comment area.

After the game, Arenas made a review of this matter:

Stewart Brothers, you quickly pack your luggage, because you have to be traded to Budapest! Even if you bleed, how can you have conflicts with James on TV. Be careful to be sent to do medicine, make sure you are not emotional due to XD. Forgot the “NBA fight hidden rules”, some things can’t be done!

Interestingly, Arneas also exposed this “hidden rules”

1, never have to conflict with James and Durant.

2, don’t provoke the two hair children (Curry, Claie), they will let you eat.

3, only two teams allow for punishment without being truly punished, that is, the team where Londo and Paul are located.

4, wait for your teammates to surround you, you are in the same way, just like WWE.

Arenas exposed the infarction that the ball can’t cry.

There are also netizens who think that Rattrt is in the hardship, and when James’s face is not angled, but in James, it has installed the Super Saiyan.

More interesting is that Greenfen also praised this netizen to spit because Greenfen has just conflicted with Stewart.

But the fans commentary, but it is ridiculous to James.

Let’s see some popular comments

Hot review 1: LeBron James at this moment

Hot review 2: James King will never engage in farmers activities with such an unnamed small pawn.

Hot review 3: Attest https://www.maillotbasket6.com and Stephen Jackson are laughing.

Hot review 4: Big brothers actually come to chase a lakes …

Hot review 5: LeBron does not want to fight

There are also netizens describing this decent.

The voice is higher, and many fans have to ask James for ban.

There is also a fans who have a NFL team to sign him. He actually disconnected 5 shovel, haha.

It also triggered the fans and evangelical figures and James.

Almost every James controversy will have James and Xiaohua’s expression, because the league is the reason for James.

There is also a fans ridiculous: the Lakers at this moment

In fact, the strategy of the lakes in these seasons is very clear, from Kuz Ma to Laustu, Jennybas has been building a media team, and now the Lakers are not the giants of Los Angeles, even if James’s arrival is not https://www.nbatrikots4.com Awakening the city’s fan culture

Kobe’s departure will take away the basketball trend of Los Angeles, just in the Best of this month, the Crypto Stadium, those basketball brands, investors have also given up the NBA Lakers, because in Los Angeles, now LA Baseball, football, ice hockey exceeded the Lakers basketball team.

After Spleps reamerled, the social network was crazy forwarded to “Kobe forever home” related topics, obviously in the city of La, whether James, Howard, Wei Shao, or retired O’Neill, Johnson, could not become Sttu The real owner.

The Bath family recently gave up James’s viewing straw, because some of James’s speech and participation acts, the Lakers also lost a lot of fans, which is the result of the Bath family.

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