It is incorrectly in the "fragrant" playing exercise in the cage football field.

As the first football reform pilot province area in the country, in recent years, the construction of the cage football venue has come to the forefront of the whole district. The construction of these football sites not only greatly alleviate the problem of football activity venue, but also provides venues for nearby residents, but because the same time is to make the people’s exercise activities or to learn football for young controversies.

Playing ball exercise

Cage football field heat

There is a five-person cage football field near Shengli Road (Shi Tie Shenglu Road), because most of the surrounding areas, limited green area, less park, this five-person cage football field is not only around the children The venue of the ball has also become the best place for nearby residents. “Every day here is very much, especially on Saturday, the children are more.” The merchants near the West Exit of Shengli Road said. Because there are no places where the children are rest assured, this cage football court has become a “land”.

In a cage football field in the southwest corner of Xilin Park, there are old people to exercise in the body every day. The cage football field next to the South Second Ring Road No. 1 is more attractive to many “fans.” “Kindergarten children are doing inside every morning, and the province is also inside, and there are training schools to do activities. I have also seen the takeae in the next meeting, the elderly are in the inside.” Fengrui Park Residents of the No. 1 community said.

The same time at the same venue

Who should I use?

In interviews, reporters learned that as people pay attention to sports, health, playing, more and more people exercising, plus many cage football fields are located near the community, and many residents will regard them as the main thing for children. position. Therefore, the same time is to let the training institution teach children to play football, or let the residents exercise, or let the adults bring children to play the focus of different crowds.

“Originally, the government project is free to open the public. Why can’t we come when they play?” “If there is a game, we can play, we can play after the game, everyone can play everyday You can play. “In the interview, many people put forward their own views on the use of cage football fields.

But many football clubs believe that the construction of the cage football field is itself to meet the needs of football enthusiasts on the venue, although they can also use them, but first guarantee the needs related to football activities.

Because of the different opinions, the residents and the football club have several disputes, and some people have dial 12345 complaints for this, and some people do not book a 12345 complaints of the cage football field phone reservation method is unreasonable. Li Jinsheng, Manager, Inner Mongolia Star Sports Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters that he received a number of complaints that he received in the use of cage football sites this year.

In the specified period

Can people can use free

According to reports, due to various reasons, there are many ways to manage the cage football field. Some are responsible for the cultural and sports tourism broadcasting industry development centers in various districts. Some contracts have given a third-party company. Some will be Community, township management, and part of the breaking news aaj tak news school management in the school, responsible by the unit in the unit. However, for the management of the cage football field, the city has not introduced detailed management methods, and the specific management methods of all districts are also different.

“Cage football field is free to open to the public in the specified time.” Director, Director of the Cultural and Sports Tourism Radio and Television Business Development Center, said that township, community and Saihan District Cultivation Tourism Radio and Television Development Center are basically Free to residents free of charge throughout the day, but it is a low-cost service after 6:30 in the evening, because there are electricity and personnel management fees. For third-party corporate management, they are required to openly open them for free during the indian express latest news headlines day.

The reporter noted that there were almost every cage football field, and there was a description of the free open period of time. Some free open hours are non-weekends, statutory holidays, and summer opening hours are 9:00 to 18:00, winter is 9:30 to 17:30; some summer free open time is 7:00 to 18:00, Winter is 7:30 to 17:30; some free open time is 8:00 to 17:00. Some clearly indicate that the cage football field is only for football training and competitions, as well as the use of public football activities, does not support other activities; some require children under the age of 3, and the old people in the age of 7 must not enter, so as not to occur.

However, it is inevitable that there is a case where the field is used during the actual use. In this regard, Gao Junxian said that similar problems ndtv hindi news live focus on the summer weekend. Due to Saturday, Sunday participation in school training, there are more students, the club has no venue, and many clubs can only carry out teaching activities in the cage football field. “We ask the club’s teaching activities on Saturday, Sunday morning, and the training time is generally over two hours, and other time left to the public. Of course, if there are multiple sites in the scene, then in addition to the club, The rest is left to the public. “Gao Junxian said.

In response to similar situations, the person in charge of the relevant department of the new urban area said that the sports law made a clear provision for free open and low charges in public sports facilities, and also encouraged sports social groups to carry out sports activities in accordance with their regulations, and promoted the development of sports. .

□ Text / Figure Hohhot Evening News reporter Wang Ying