Is this love? Lake people’s official push Zhan Meng football training photo, fans: can be a couple avatar

On September 16th, Beijing time, the Lakers launched a group of team players ‘training photos, and the Lakers’ officials wrote: “Double threats.” And the training photos in the picture are LeBron James handheld football. Punch the action to throw the ball out.

The sachin vaze latest news second picture is Anthony Davis to make a feeling like a smile, and the Anthony Davis has a football in his hand, watching the expression of the brother, I don’t know why the author has that kind of love is related. feel. Do you say that Zhan Mei is so good now, Wade will jealous?

The skin is returned, hamirpur newsbut it has to be said that the arrival of Anthony Davis really makes the Lakers really become a popularity of the crown, James transforming tissue small forward, and the ability to end the brother is unquestionable.

Look at the two pictures of the Lake people’s officials, the first is LeBron James in the second round of data, James has 25.8 points + 10.4 rebound + 7.4 assists. And this picture of James’s smile is sweet, sweet into your heart.

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The second sheet is the data of Anthony Davis, the second round of 25.4 points + 12.4 rebound + 60% of the shooting rate, the Lakers’ officials wrote: “The second round of data.” Lakers in the West Semi-finals 4-1 Defeat the double MVP team, and currently they are still waiting for the results of the Nuggets and the Clippers Series.

LeBron James has got 250+ scores at the same time in this playoffs and a 100+ rebound and 75+ assists, while James career sxxxoxxxe pakistan news video 2019 has reached this data.

Of course, in the history of NBA, no other players can do 6 times, and the magician Johnson has been 6 times, and how powerful if LeBron James is personal. 35-year-old James still shows the level of the first person of the league, look at the football training photo of his and strong eyebrows, is this a couple avatar?

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