Is the social name Yuanjin’s lawyer community? Both the famous door, may not be just a bloody

“My father has a study. When you drive the wall, I will find a secretly macr, which is all the evidence of the OJ Simpssess case.” Gold – Kadan wants to pursue the father’s footsteps to become an excellent Lawyers, this week, this American lady wanted to go away from the entertainment circle, and the news of the judiciary became a headline. In fact, this real show star is very obsessed with the law. When he stepped on the Sensen case, he would determined his dreams as a lawyer.

These years have been famous, Jin-Kai Shan has made a lot of efforts. The first step is to streak flow, and the first can be smashed, is her father. In 1994, the famous “Simpssen Kill Wife Case” took place in the United States: the former NFL player O. J. Simpson killed the ex-wife and suspected ex-wife. The trial is three fold, and the eyes are conclusive. Suddenly, the Defense Lawyers find out the police’s mistakes lead to key evidence to fail, unable to conviced, and Simpson is not guilty. Simpson’s friend and defense lawyers are Khaoshan’s father – Robert Kadarshian, therefore became famous. It is also rich and famous lawyers, rich and famous, and Kadan family has become a top society in the United States.

Gold – Kardashian recalls when accepting “Vogue” magazine interview, when she is a child, her legal dream begins in Simpson: Father is a famous lawyer, and other lawyers will sometimes take him Family make a office. “My father collected evidence about Simpson, I always look quietly at the weekend. At that time, I was very curious about this case.” Kardash said.

As a friend of Simpson, Robert-Kadan joined the “Century Trial” in the year, and finally, his intelligence helped Simpson to win the lawsuit. In addition, in the US sports, there is a speech for many years. Because Robert and Simpson have many years of sex, Simpson is also the godfather of Robert, Kardashian three sisters and many sports people celebrate the sympathetic. Simpson helps the bridge. In 2012, the United States gossip media exposed, Simpson once made a marriage affair with the wife of Robert, and has love crystals. A few years later, Simpson personally denied that the father and women of Kohler did undoubtedly let the outside world are more curious.

Today, Gold-Carding is internship in a law firm in San Francisco, and plans to participate in the lawyer qualification examination. In recent years, her efforts in prison reform have made her a frequent visit to the White House. In May 2018, she persuaded US President Donald – Trump to alleviate the 63-year-old Alice-Johnson’s crime. Kardashian has been a hero in the eyes of her husband Caman Wester. He hoped that the wife should be able to recall the US President in 2020 to better serve the American people.