Is the Coat Hall of House stable? The two fames use the fact that he said to him

Batht – Porto chooses to retirement this week, it seems that fans have already determined that he can be selected after five years. But for the position of the catcher, they seem to have always been “discrimination”, Sitan Manson and Haolch – Posada seems to have no reason to enter the celebrity hall.

Mentson Elderly

Of course, there is no meaning of the country, but Mansen is simply more like. They are all best rookie. There are MVPs, all seven-selection star game, and it is also three times into the World Competition. Career is ten years, and the number of play is just 1500, the victory contribution of Manson’s career is 46.1, slightly higher than the 44.9 of Port, but the earliest catcher was invoked for 15 years without being selected for 15 years. Hall of Fame.

In the fifteen years, Manson’s vote rate has never broke through 10%, and each year is that twenty or thirty reporters feel that he is worth it, but it always only has
this twenty or 30. In the fifteen consecutive year, the taste of “the whip” is definitely uncomfortable every year, and then look at Roy-Hara, who is unfortunate after more than 40 years, and people directly a first year.

The veteran committee nominated Manson twice in 2000 and 2006, and will once again, perhaps the retiring of the proliferation allows Manson’s name to be remembered again, which is conducive to his successful entering the famous Hall.

Posada’s jersey was retired

In contrast, Posada is more miserable. As a member of Yangji Trinity, hold four championships and five silver rods, he actually got 17 votes in 2017, directly because of insufficient 5% lost qualifications. As a cracker, Potsda career five single seasons 90 points + toddler, more than 20, for him, like a probe gab, and knocked over 30 sports hits for up to one year. In 2007, he had been 36 years old to contribute. 338 / .426 / .543’s hit three, the OPS of 39 years old still has .811.

The cause of Potsda is more complicated. In 2017, the stars on the ban on drugs can enter the famous hall of the famous Hall, Barry Bonz and Roger Clemens are now outside the door. But there are also Jeff-Baghgville and Mike Pi Piazza, have been visible to the famous hall.

Although Potsa’s score has a bonus of Yangji’s full day, let’s take a look at another celebrities catcher, Jiji-Bella in the 1950s, and the career of the two is .285 / .348 / .482 and .273 / .374 / .474 can be said to be difficult to divide. Bella has three MVPs and 18 star games, Potsada has not even zero, but he is definitely not that kind of person who left the vote in that year.

Yangji quad core

Yangji quad core

More miserable is that Potsda has to be nominated by the veteran committee for a few years, may be a member of the Town of Gucai Town.

It is said that these don’t want to delegate the Port, MLB’s celebrity Hall is a very metaphysical thing. For the fans who like Po, they can be found in the name of other qualifications but have not yet. Flat-state, Poss should usher in the top of your own hat.