Is it tough? Guardiola may be a bit too much to feel the player’s feelings.

Anyone who usually pays attention to melon interview, talking about the player of the locker room, Melon likes to say, I hope they are happy in Manchester City, I hope that they can make them happy, he hopes that all players can kick the ball.

First of all, this summer, the B-seat, B, B & B, is what I want to leave, and the Shuai himself will definitely do not want them to go.

Although Strin has lost his first position in half years, but privately thought that Guardo failed to let him stay, saying that the ndtv today Champions League final suddenly made Sterling first, I would like to tell him that Manchester City still pays attention to him. of.

Last season, Champions League semi-finals played in Paris, Manchester City came out of a no-array, followed by the league Kick Chersea (that is, the scene of Aguao kicking the ball), Manchester City first 4 strikes, 424 styles, Sis There is also the first hair in Trin Hot Sues Aguiro, in just a few days, from the four fronts, the contrast is very outrageous, which is very important for a reason is that the handsome wants to rotate, I want to let go in the Champions League Those who have not played in the semi-finals are only such instructions. He oftens a large-scale rotation lineup last season.

So many, just want to say that Gua Shuai is very concerned with the players unhappy, I hope everyone can play twenty four live tv play.

The first two weeks of Sterling did not have a chance to leave in the media. Don’t look at the attitude of the handsome handsome, the second day, the second day, the first day. This situation is not the first time.

The front of La Porte kicks Paris will have a mistake, and Stonens’s hurt is actually good. La Port is still starting, and the Shuai wants to give him him, and the Stonez match will continue to be 5 years, and it is impossible to stop. Of course, after the mistake of Rabord, it is estimated that the first position is completely lost in the short term.

For the type of players like melon (now most of Manchester City’s lineups are the people he bought in the scheme of melon), even if the player occasionally mistakenly mistaken, melon is still a chance, unless extreme situation.

Finally, I still have a little longer. 2 december current affairs Gua Shuai’s private life is also very comfortable. He is really like many people said the strict (maybe in the Barcelona time, what is the private life of the player, but that is the Barceloni period, in Manchester City Guhuai is very tolerant).

In the past few years, Manchester City players is definitely the frequency of the British team. (Aguo pumped with smoke, Walker derailed, Stonez abandoned Qingmei Zhu Ma, Fuden Iceland event, the first two years of Christmas schedule after Manchester City, Mangcheng players and 22 models …)

Last year, the Sun Daily reported that the Fuden Iceland is derailed, the national team is repatriated, come back to the League Ford Direct.

The wife of Jingchenko spurted him handsome, and the Shuai she did not let the Zhenxinke started?

Sterling and other players shouted in the media, I wanted beat forest officer cut off mark to play, and the melon is tough, and it is not used.

So many players in Manchester City have three worsteads in three worships, and the melon can also put the bench to let them reflect?

In fact, the temper of Guardo is still very good, maybe he really should have a strong player.