Inventory MLB playoffs lineup: This 8 teams, where did the players come from?

(Originally published in MLB official
website, authors: Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo, Mike Rosenbaum) US Roman Walk (MLB) 2019 playoffs, after a battle of life and death, the partition series is also todayCut.Regardless of the success or failure of the seasons, only the eight teams want to send the most ideal lineup (except for the team to be eliminated), build each puzzle for the World Competition.

However, the player of “the most ideal lineup” is constituted, and the teams also have different blueprints. It is more players who use the team independent cultivation (HOMEGROWN), or believe “foreign monk will read”, choose more traded players (TRADE)? Is it a choice of free agent, or a Waiver player? This is a metaphysics, and the decisions before a few years ago, the effect may wait until the next few years.

Take this year, the highest number of two teams in the Houston Spaces and Los Angeles Daoqi team, the two teams of the two teams have different ideas.

In all ten seasons team, Dodge Team has a strong cultivation of a strong talent training system, and the autonomous training player used is also the most, and the 25-person list of the National Association Series is self-cultivated (including draft players, international Players, etc.) account for 15 people, including “Coreybellinger”, CoreyBellinger, and CoreyBellinger, as well as Coreyseager, and Coreyseager, as well as this season. Hyun-jinryu.

The luxurious space team pays more attention to the balance of players. In the playoffs, 8 autonomous training players, such as Georgespringer, 6 free transfer players such as Brantley (Michaelbrantley, 10 A trading player is like Justinverland, and 1 Willharris Will Harris.

In short, on the team lineup, this vital issue, regardless of the gigaby team or a small and calculative small team, it is continuously to explore the most suitable for you.

The lineup of 8 teams in the playoffs this year, this will give you a detail. The hero did not ask, the lineup did not have a mistake, as long as I got into a strong team, I played a wonderful game, it was the best arrangement. It is also a fans’ welfare, isn’t it?

United States

Houston Space Strong Team (Mei West District Champion)

Full team WAR value: 75.4, the playoff team ranked first

Self-cultivator: 8 people (WAR value 26.4)

– From the draft: 6 people (WAR value 19.5)

– International Players: 2 people (WAR value 6.9)

Free players: 6 people (WAR value 13.1)

Trading Getting Player: 10 people (WAR value 33.8)

Waving the draw player: 1 person (WAR value 2.1)

(WAR: WINS ABOVE Replacement abbreviation, exceeding the number of replacement levels, used to measure the comprehensive level of players, including offensive, defense, values ??calculated by specific formulas)

In all the seasonal teams, the Space team’s record has been drawn, and the WAR value is very far, and the gold content of the player. Self-cultivation, free players, the balance ratio of three types of trading players have also achieved remarkable results.

Self-cultivation players, this season MVP big popular Alex Bregman, is the list of emblems in the 2015 Sales of Space, the same as the draft George – Springer, George Springer Carlos Correa, now also the top of the team; Yuli Gurriel from Cuba, José Altuve, José Altuve, from Cuba, José Altuve, José Altuve The leader in the player.

Among the free players, Michael Brantley had a good blow manifestation after the break. The trading player is also a starlight, including the US League Yangdao candidate, the first two first pitcher Justin Verlander and Grit Cole, and from Dodge Almost locked the best new show Awards Yordan Alvarez.

Tampa Bay Run (Department of Meidian East)

Full team WAR value: 49.1, the playoff team ranked fifth

Self-cultivator: 5 people (WAR value 12.7)

– From the draft: 3 people (WAR value 9.8)

– International Players: 2 people (WAR value 2.9)

Free player: 2 people (WAR value 7.0)

Trading Getting Player: 18 (WAR Value 29.4)

Because the funds are limited, they can’t spend the light team like a giants, it can be said that it is a model of “spending money on the blade”. In the outer casino, Tampawan’s ray team in Tampa Bay, the 25-person list, is a player who is traded, and the traded player in the 10th season.

Taylor Glasno

Taylor Glasno

In 2018, when the transaction is in the transaction, the light from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Austin MEADOWS and Tayler Glasnow, which is the correct time to do, two people come to the light The team’s first season blooms all the rays of all-star level. Tommy Pham from St. Louis, a WAR value reached 3.7, second only from Adams, Willy Adames, WAR Value 4.2) from the Detroit Tiger Small Union.

Charlie - Morton

Charlie – Morton

In 2018, the radians signed free players Charlie-Morton in the Natio season, and the contract of 30 million US dollars in the two years may not be nothing, but it has become the second history of the ray history. Large free player contract. Morton also returned to the wonderful performance of a season, and the 5.0 WAR value selvered the style of the team MVP.

Kevin Kirmare

Kevin Kirmare

On the other hand, the rays are very concerned about the deep-cultivation of the farm system, and the self-cultivation players are also very competitive, including the young Luo Wei, the 2018 season became the second US league prize winner Pitcher Brek – Snell (Blake Snell), the team core KEVIN KIERMAIER.

New York Yangji team (Meidian East Champion)

Full team WAR value: 49.7, ranking in the playoff team

Self-cultivator: 7 people (WAR value 16)

– From the draft: 4 people (WAR value 10.6)

– International Players: 3 people (WAR value 5.4)

Free players: 5 people (WAR value 10.2)

Trading Getting Player: 13 people (WAR value 21.7)

Yangji once signed the player with a luxury, but not, such as the free player DJ-Le Mei Yu (DJ Lemahieu), the free player DJ-Le Mei (DJ Lemahieu), which is only 24 million US $ 2nd contract, is hot, in the wilderness and The fire output is very eye-catching.

Allen Jiaqi

Allen Jiaqi

In 2013, the first round of the 32nd shot of Aaron Judge and the third round of Brett Gardner in 2005, now played in the team. An important role. Gary sánchez, a Dominican player in 2009, also proved that the Yangji introduced alien players alone.



The lineup of the trading player is stronger. Last season, James Paxton, which came from the sailor trading, was brave this season. After experiencing the ups and seasons of the ups and downs, it has become the most stable roof before the end of the season. First round value. Don’t forget to “monster men” Stanton, Gleyber Torres, Didi Gregorius, these make all pitks must be a huge spiritual huge Artillery.

This season, Yang Chiang team took a single season (38 people) into the league record of injury list, in the face of strong enemy Tampa Bay in the same district and Boston socks, 103 wins to get the United States The Eastern District Championship has to admire the team’s general manager of Brian Cashman’s Boxing. Entering the playoffs, the main lineup of Yangji finally overcomes all the injuries, who dares to drop lightly?

Minnesota Shuangcheng Team (Mei Central Champion)

Full team WAR value: 45.6, seventh place in the playoffs team

Self-cultivator: 14 people (WAR value 27.1)

– From the draft: 7 people (WAR value 12.7)

– International Players: 6 people (WAR value 14.4)

– Non-elective free players: 1 person (WAR value 0.6)

Free players: 4 people (WAR value 8.2)

Trading Getting Player: 5 (WAR Value 7.3)

Waving the draw player: 2 people (WAR value 2.4)

Among the list of players in the players of Minnesota, the self-cultivator is 14 people, second only to the Los Angeles Dodge. If Byron Buxton enters the injury list, this figure can also be chased.

Mickey - Cavier and Max - Cape

Mickey – Cavier and Max – Cape

The draft player is appointed, especially the ninth round of 2013, the capture of the Shuangcheng team, Mitch Garver, is a significant improvement in the season. In foreign players, Jorge Polanco, Max Kepler’s season bursts also serves the team.

Jake Odorizzi

Jake Odorizzi

The 2018 Release period adds a free player to the double-city team, Nelson Cruz, the knife, the truth is not old, and this season is a strong job. Jake Odorizzi (Jake Odorizzi), Jake Odorizzi, is stable. This season has also been selected for all stars.

National part

Los Angeles Dodge (Guo Si West District Champion)

Full team WAR value: 52.1, the playoff team ranked second

Self-cultivator: 15 people (WAR value 35.3)

– From the draft: 10 people (WAR value 26.0)

– International Players: 5 people (WAR value 9.3)

Free players: 4 people (WAR value 9.0)

Trading Getting Player: 6 people (WAR value 7.8)

Liu Xianzhen, Corres, Cord, Walker

Liu Xianzhen, Corres, Cord, Walker

The Los Angeles Dodge Team, which is called in the Central Republic of Lianxi, is the most probably super independent cultivator lineup. In terms of pitcher, Clayton Kershaw is the first partition of this session, the first round of the first round-fledged Walker Buehler and even the season of this season. It constitutes the most powerful top pitcher combination of the whole league; the people, the Corey Seager, the Corey Seager, is a model of self-cultivator.

This season’s Dodge Farm is also a profound, three new Xiuetai, Lux (Dustin May), and Smith, in 2016. Alliance, that is, the best performance, plus-Lax is the first battle in the national affiliation. In addition, Marx Muncy and Justin Turner can be described as the best signing free player case in the past five years.

Washington National Team (National District Second)

Function WAR Value: 51.0, the third playoff team ranked third

Self-cultivator: 7 people (WAR value 22.8)

– From the draft: 4 people (WAR value 13.5)

– International Players: 3 people (WAR value 9.3)

Free players: 9 people (WAR value 17.2)

Trading Getting Player: 9 (WAR Value 11)

I lost my heart, I was awarded the Bryce Harper, and the strength was used in a season. The Washington National Team can be said to be the most balanced team in the entire playoff, will lead 9 free players to fight, and is the most free players in 10 teams.

Strusberg, Xie Zer, Corbin

Strusberg, Xie Zer, Corbin

Harper’s departure allows the team to be moved in the free market, the defending period signed the front of the Arizona Snake team Left vote Patrick Corbin, and the “genius of genius” Steven Stra Stephen Strasburg, builds a luxury pitcher that is undewary with Max Scherzer, which is a free player.



The national also won the first year of death from the Freedom and Trading, the first year of the death of the Atlanta Warriors, and the first-handed Handais, the Cleveland Indians, who made Yan Gomes, and filled the weaker last year. Catcher position.

Anthony - Lunden and Juan Sodo

Anthony – Lunden and Juan Sodo

In terms of self-cultivation players, in 2011, it was built by the National Chief MVP Anthony – Anthony Rendon, Juan Soto, and supported the team. At the same time, the National Team, Washington, is still one of the most active participants in the trading market, and uses this year’s transactional limit, from Toronto Blue Birds, Daniel Hudson, and traders from Seattle Sailor Team to Hunter – Hunter Strickland, Eliaz Elías, completes cowshed reconstruction.

Atlanta Warriors (Guo Lian East District Champion)

Full team WAR value: 44.3, playoff team ranking eighth

Self-cultivator: 4 people (WAR value 21)

– From the draft: 2 people (WAR value 10.0)

– International Players: 2 people (WAR value 10.3)

Free players: 8 people (WAR value 11.2)

Trading Get Player: 12 people (WAR value 12.5)

Waving the draw player: 1 person (WAR value 0.3)

Although only 4 autonomous training players rank among the playoffs of the Atlanta Warriors, their strength can not be underestimated. Two election players Freddy – Freddie Freeman, Mike Soroka and Two International Players Barronard – Akania (Ronald ACU? A Jr.), Ozi – Ozzie albies, teamed up to contribute to nearly 50% of the WAR value.

Sean Green

Sean Green

In the past few years, the Warriors have cleverly use the farm system, and they will take a long-term addition to the player trading and promote the balanced development of the team lineup. This season’s 731 transactional limit allows the team to sign Shane Greene, Mark Malk Melancon, and Chris Martin, resolve the cowshed in the season.

St. Louis Hashque (Guo Shengzhong District Champion)

Full team WAR value: 39.5, ranking ninth team in the playoffs

Self-cultivator: 10 people (WAR value 26.1)

– From the draft: 9 people (WAR value 25.6)

– International Players: 1 person (WAR value 0.9)

Free players: 4 people (WAR value 3.4)

Trading Getting Player: 9 (WAR Value 8.2)

Waving the draw player: 1 person (WAR value 0.6)

Rule 5 player: 1 person (WAR value 0.8)

The 2019 season, the St. Louis’s flush is heavy, and since 2015, he finally won the National Lianzhong District championship, and the 10 autonomous training players have taken the final season. This season, the two first rounds of Xiu Jack – Jack Flaherty, Dakota Hudson, became the most trusted first firing of the team, especially the second half of the season. It is more and more brave.

Paul Dejong, Kolten Wong, once again manifested between the two ends of the team, the team’s full talents, Tommy Edman, is a huge surprise.


Front “Snake King” Paul Gold Schmidt

After the offset season, the Hashque team signed Paul Goldschmidt from the snake team, and then renewed in five years of $ 130 million, after the beginning of the season, gradually retrieved, for the team Just success. From the Marcell Ozuna, the Foodle Ozuna, who was signed from the Malinfish, and won the total number of 207 complete homes in the competition season.

Giovani Gaygs

Giovani Gaygs

In 2018, the Giiovani Gaygz obtained from Yangquan team before the transaction is also excellent in the first season after joining, and has become a stable and contributor.