Introduction to the three most common ways of playing football in football

Hello everyone! Today’s teaching is for beginners, mainly in three different methods of kicking or passing the ball in football. I hope everyone likes it!
The three different kicking methods mainly refer to how to correctly pass the low ball, high ball and shoot, as well as some precautions. Today’s content is mainly a brief introduction. If you want to study more deeply, check the following related readings, we will start now:

First of all, let’s look at the most basic passing. When we pass the ball, we should pay attention to three things. First of all, no matter when the ball is passed, there must be a certain distance between the ball and the foot, so that we can leave a distance for the approach or step. This way the kicked ball is more powerful.
The second is the supporting foot. If the right foot kicks the ball, the left foot should be almost parallel to the ball, because this can better maintain the balance of the body.
If we can’t keep our balance, we will be able to recline when we kick a ball. This is one of the problems.
So we have to maintain a good balance, place the left foot on the side of the ball parallel to the ball, and finally we have to use the inside of the foot to complete the shot.
When hitting the ball, use the position of the foot to kick the middle of the ball. If the kick position is too low, the ball will be kicked up, which will cause difficulty for the receiver.
Then you have to swing your calf to hit the middle of the ball firmly and powerfully. Here we want to emphasize that many friends always have insufficient hitting power and not swinging the calf. They are always used to lock the knees early, making the thighs and calves look like a pendulum. It’s not right to hit the ball the same way, it’s right to make the calf feel like shaking.

When hitting the right part with the right method, the kicked ball will move forward on the ground and the teammates will have better control. So if the pass is good, the ball will go straight to the teammate.

Another important point in passing is the direction of the supporting foot. If you want to pass forward, the toes of your supporting foot should point forward. This is your sight. This is a point that is easy to overlook when your friends practice. The correct placement of the supporting feet not only allows you to pass the ball more accurately, but also helps you maintain your body balance.

We can take a look at the following example. If we want to pass the ball straight forward, if the supporting foot is pointing to the side of the body, we can see that the body is very awkward, and of course it is easy to get caught~~. This kind of mistake is especially easy for beginners to make. Remember that the kicking foot should always be at a 90-degree angle to the supporting foot, and the supporting foot should point in the direction you want to pass.

Overhead long pass

The second way of kicking the ball is to kick the long ball. This is also a skill that must be mastered. It is used in many places, such as clearing or passing or transferring. Especially when serving a goal kick, the high ball will play a very important role. .

Kicking the ball is nothing special like ordinary passing, it’s just a skill, so the preparation before kicking is exactly the same, the ball is a little bit off the foot, leaving enough space for the ball, the supporting foot is slightly adjusted this time, which is more demanding than ordinary passing. Stay farther away from the ball. This time we hit the bottom of the ball and hit the bottom of the ball with the position of our foot laces.

The only way to kick the ball up is to hit the lower part, which will also produce a spin. If you kick in the wrong position, it is not a roundabout, but all kinds of strange rotations, so it is difficult for our teammates to receive your pass.

We know that in a table tennis game, it is to add various spins to make it difficult for the opponent to receive the ball, so we try to make the ball spin down and give the teammate the most stable pass.

We want to kick the bottom of the ball. When kicking the ball, the body naturally leans back, which also helps to kick the ball up.

When the body is leaned back, the foot is easier to hit the bottom of the ball, which is the body posture when kicking the ball.

When kicking the ball, the foot will naturally sweep across the ground, that is, if your foot does not sweep across the ground, it means that you are in the wrong position. But be careful not to sweep the body horizontally too early, which will result in sweeping the football with your toes, which makes it difficult to kick the ball.


Next comes the shooting. Many people want to make their kicks “harder”. How to hit the power is the most concerned issue for many friends. We now talk about the main points of shooting.

We must first know that different positions have different hitting power. If you are far away and want to shoot hard, you can shoot with the back of your foot.

When shooting, first let the ball move away from the body. If the space is too tight, it will be difficult to exert force. Put the ball in front of you at an angle, and place the supporting foot next to the ball parallel to the ball. This is similar to passing the ball. When kicking the ball, the toes should be down. Pay attention to the toes facing down completely. If the foot is lifted up a little bit, it is likely to be inaccurate. This must be strictly required. When shooting, you must face down and hit the ball with the back of your instep.

Of course, you can also use the inside of your foot to shoot, which is more accurate, but if you want to use more power, you must use the back of your instep.

Let the ball and the body have a little distance and angle. Place your left foot next to the ball and parallel to the ball, with your toes facing down. Pay attention here. The source of strength comes from swinging the leg, swinging the calf back to the hip, and then hitting the ball. Remember The greater the swing, the greater the force. Many small partners pay too much attention to force or want to complete the shot quickly, but will ignore the problem of swinging the leg. This is the most important reason for the weakness of the shot.

Finally, when shooting, we can kick the ball out and follow the whole body. After the kicking foot hits the ball, we take a step forward and the whole body moves forward with the ball, so that we can get more kinetic energy.

That’s it for today’s content. For more exciting football teaching, please continue to pay attention to the road of football!

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