Introduce! Mu Shuai or the Queen’s Malaysia, Inter Milan is close to the foot of the Cameroon

This season, the performance of the Rome team is a mid-ruled medium. At the League point list, the Roman team has achieved six new search victories in 11 games, and there were 1 game, lost 4 games, got 19 points, and ranked fourth in the standings. From this ranking, the Rome team has reached expectations. After all, compared with AC Milan, International Milan and other teams, there is still a small gap in the Rome team. The most realistic goals this season or to ensure that they get the top four, gain the qualifications of the Champions League next season.

However, one thing is worth noting, that is, the Rome team has reached four games, which is the most in the sixth team in the top of the league. This is obviously different from Mourinho’s coaching style. In most of the time in Mourinho’s career, because he is very strict, the team’s flat game may be more, and there is not too much relative to the ball. Through this season, the Rome team has come so far, Mourinio’s today english newspaper headlines tactical thinking has a more obvious difference than before, that is, in many games, he no longer places the defense first, and It is placed more energy into the offense. Even when the game is in the glue state, Mourinho also dare to invest in the force. In fact, Mourinho’s choice is not difficult to understand, because the Laboratory line of the Roman team is really general, even if it is full of defense, it is difficult to guarantee enough defensive quality.

This season, on the back defense line of the Rome team, the two main China Wei Ibies and Mancini played only basic qualifications, but it failed to achieve excellent level. In the event, interception, solitude and other important defensive data, Ibad Naden is ranked by 20 in the league, and the Mancini ranks more rely, most of them are 40. The team’s alternatives are even youtube breaking news more difficult to make enough contributions, Cumbra can’t get the trust of Murinio. This season is only played once in the league, and the scene is almost ignored. Samin Their injuries are continued, and there is no sufficient attendance rate at all. At the two side guard positions, the defensive quality of the Rome team is completely unsuccessful. Whether it is the Carrsdopp, the end of the right side, or the left side of the Divinia, including Kalafio, one-way defensive ability, they are hard to stand in Series League.

In this case, Murinio has only chooses to be defended with an offense. Although this makes the team’s latter defense lines in many games, they still have a good play, still guarantee the team’s performance. However, for the Rome team, the current league ranks are not solid, and they are only 1 point in Florence, aaj ka latest news hindi and once they are in a few games in the future, they are likely to quickly slip out the top four. In this case, for the Rome team, the most effective way is to continue to enhance the overall strength of the team. From the current situation, the Roman team has begun to start an intrusion work. According to Milan Sports Report, Mourinio has taken out a list of winter-breaking periods. The players in this list have almost covered all the positions on the field, respectively, two midrangers, A middle guard and a side guard.

It is reported that Nago, which is effective in Real Madrid is one of this list, Mourinho hopes to sign this “multi-face” to enhance the team’s rear defense power. This season, Nago is an important member of Real Madrid’s defense line. He appeared 7 times in the league, 2 times among the Champions League, only less than Arabian and Militang. And in these 9 games, Nago has almost appeared in all positions of the latter line, and the number of appearances is almost, including 4 inner and defenders, 2 farms, and three left guards. Such a comprehensive feature is the value of Mourinho. Nago and the team’s contract also reached less than 2 years, his price in the transfer market was 8 million euros. However, for Real Memory, the people on the line of defense are not sufficient, and if they can’t introduce new aids in the winter, the possibility of agreed that Nacho is obseudentially.

In addition, in the international Milan, the team of Xiaozuji is basically in line with the expectations, leading the Rome team, ranking third in the League standings. english newspaper International Milan exists in lineups is that some old states have fallen obvious, such as Handanovic, Sanchez, etc. Especially Handa Novich, he is still the main door of the team this season, but the way to play from his peak is far away. His contract will expire after the end of this season, even if Kan choose to renew him, he is also difficult to continue to serve as the main door of the team. According to the transfer expert Skila, Inter Milan has basically reached Ajaks, and the transfer is almost finalized. If there is no big accident, this Cameroon National Foot will wear the International Milan’s Grungy Hall. (The picture comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete)