International Football Standard Football Field Size, do you know?

According to FIFA, the standard football field has a length of 105m and a width of 68m. Typographic events similar to the World Cup will generally ask for this standard.

Noukamu Stadium

Of course, there is not so strict regulations in the general situation in general, and the venues in the following specifications are considered qualified venues.

Length: 100 m – 110 m

Width: 64 meters – 75 m

Goal height: 2.44 ov vs aa live score meters

Goal width: 7.32 meters

Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that the width of all the stadium is not more than 12 cm, and the line is 9.15 meters away.

Although most of the ordinary tv9 karnataka contact number competitions, the size of the site is not very strict, as long as it is allowed within a range, it is actually a big impact on the team.

For teams who are keen on the sidewalk, I prefer a wide india news online today stadium, because such a racket is larger, more helpful to their sidewalks and breakthroughs.

For the team like the long hair, it is more like long stadium, which is the same, and the longitudinal space in such a racket is even more favorable.