Inspiration! After entering the league, you will change your posture! Today, he is three-point hit rate sixth power pressure in Librack.

Chicago Bull, this season is in the east!

With Durzan, Carru etiquette, Bull has become a strong East, today we have to say, is also a player who joined the bull this season.

Last season in Langzuo-Bauer in Pelican is also one of the most important references this season!

After the game, Ball franchise Bull, the field can contribute 12.5 points 5.2 rebounds 4.8 assists 1.8 steals, watch data, it seems very common?

Not too!

This name show that I have stayed around James, a person who is not good at shooting from a rookie year, and the season has been held in this season.

What is this concept?

League sixth!

Strong from Kuribak, is scary?

Today’s Bauer has become a new inspirational model!

Speaking of big balls, what will we think of?

He will not shoot,, 天猴.

Indeed, the rookie season of Bauer, shooting is really desperate, 36% hit rate, 31% of the three-pointer hits, is a person who is completely not shooting.

Moreover, his shooting has a big problem. He has changed his shooting gesture after entering NBA. You can understand that Ball is now shooting, it is completely its own day, bull This season is so strong, and Bauer does not turn off!

Ball is a very good 3D guard, his level of organization is very strong, don’t look at his number of assists, but his organization offense is very good.

Second, Ball’s defense starts from entering the league, he is the top level of defensive, this is no doubt that he is one of the best defenders on the league guard line.

When we come here, it is not helpful to sigh the management of 鹈鹕.

Bauer’s contract is not large, 80 million US dollars in 4 years, the top three-pointer
of Bauer + top defense, has exceeded this price, and what did the 鹈鹕 change?

This season, the attack is so difficult, there is a big reason is that Bauer left, and the bull is strong, with Bauer can’t get a dry system.

Bauer is now unique, that is, the playoffs experience,
he has not entered the playoffs, which is also related to the team’s configuration, but this year’s Bull enters the playoffs is not a problem, Ball’s technology Features how to enter the playoffs, you need to pass the test, and then we say that it is said to be the shortcomings of Bauer.

His breakthrough level is very poor, so when the three-pokes of Bauer are missing, how much his role is, an unknown, at least from the previous regular season, when Bauer’s three-pointers In the case of opening, he only has defensive, his breakthrough is a relatively poor grade.

Wan Xi Wen and Durzan are a player who is good at breakthrough.

Ball can have today, with his own efforts are not open, the same, you can’t leave James’s tuning, you can encounter alliances to read the best players in the rookie period, this is definitely Ball’s lucky.

We certainly hope that the players like Bauer can make a lot of color.

But the bull is not a problem, Bauer and Wu Chiwi are not very matching, which leads to Wu Chiwi, which was encountered by Waterloo this season. It depends on whether this issue can be solved in the later stage.

At least now, my evaluation of Bauer is the three-point hand + organizer + defender, his performance is completely worthy of his value, this is no doubt, so that the bull can go to how to go to how the height, still to be observed .

From now on, the bull is at least the first four teams in the eastern part. What do you think about the inspirational model of Ball?