In the past year, the total number of three vibrations perpendicular to the large-all-all-league exceeded the total number of hits. They showed a total of 1320 100 miles / hour, and the proportion of change balls continued to rise, which indicates that the power of pitcher is getting stronger, and the pitching movement is constantly being improved. It is undeniable that the pitcher group of the big alliance is experiencing a peak period.We know that if a pitcher can practice a sphere that is the most good, it is often impressive. So, what is the most horrible? On this issue, 85 large-scale players from 28 teams participated in an investigation.Corretton-Kok’s curling is left right, and it is very helpless as long as it passed.In a few years ago, people’s scorpion of Corretton-Kexico, Andrew Miller, Zach-Briton’s stretch card (SINKER) and Atrodman more than 100 miles The speed ball is quite high. It seems that these pigeons are still very good, and they also got some players’ vote. However, with the development of the baseball, there are some new pitks with their own unique weapons. Some even “violate” the law of physics; and relatively mature pitks also through big data analysis and video technology, constantly enterprising their own ball skills. .Here we list 10 pigeons in the top number of votes, probably contain three different types of pitots: a long-lasting genius player, a newcomer and excellent contributor in the rise stage. Since the vote is too difficult to choose, some players who participated in the voting also voted more than one vote.First place: Boston Red Shot Team Chris Sale’s scorpion, get 16 votes.It is this ball to take Manni Muto with his Dodgeral San Zhen. In the face of 84 miles, the curve is slightly drilled, Machado has not touched the temptation to vigorously waving, and the Dao Qi team will reach the last place closest to the championship.What is the reason that the best player of the big league looks like some wolf? The Indian team’s capture-Gomes explained: “Sel’s ball flew from a completely different angle. From the second base, slide to the best, then you wavily, the ball stays A good ball is brought. For the right screame like Gomez, the trajectory of the ball is like flying from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. With the Hall of Fame, “Big Unit” is similar to Randy Johnson, Seli’s thin body and longer arm is one of the reasons for forming this visual spoof.And what about the left bearer? The ball appeared from the beats.The Red Picking team’s second base: “It looks like a straight ball flying out from his hands, just like you see on TV, but offset three feet, You will think, ‘How can I hit it?’ “According to the large alliance STATCAST system, the 2018 season player faces Sel’s scorpion hits only 0.113 (204 shots 23 amp), and 57.4% of the shredded bureau ended.Second place: Auckland Sports Family Team Blake Treinen’s stretch card, won 11 votesTream is one of the best terminors this year, but also the biggest hero in the playoffs in the playoffs with the lowest salary of the union. In fact, let Trean mad brush data more than one sphere, two players vote for Cutter, Cutter, Trien, Robert stock, but also “All the balls of Trean”.But in the numerous weapons of Turnd, the stretch card is especially special. This sphere is between 97 and 99 miles / hour, up to 100 miles of stretch card balls, in 26 shots at the end of the stretch card, did not hit the hit, and each of the shots were the three vibration bureau, Only two of them are standing and standing.Pirate Teve Pitcher Trevo Williams said: “His stretch card will make me nausea. Haha, joking. I mean, 100 miles of stretch card, this is impossible. “Corre-Kukuba rely on the change of the United States to win the United States League YangThird place: Cleveland Corps Corey Kluber’s Changeball, 8 votesThere is a saying: “The only thing that is more difficult than hitting CClus, is to classify this ball.”The Great League did have a small number of players, and the arc of another spherical species was performed with a particular sphere. For example, the Cultunhe and the Statcast system are called “curve” change balls, most players who participate in voting think more like scales.The truth is that the players are difficult to distinguish this change from Caurin’s Carter ball, which is one of the reasons why Caiber is hard, so we can speak fairly, “Robot (Kluber Klubot “The most variable ball is a mixed sphere of some proportion, curmed, and Carter ball.Cameron Maybin, is considered: “This is a champion (churve), like a combination of Carter ball and the curball.The STACAST system shows that the player faces the hit rate of the Crokber’s change, only 20 of the 192 shots, creating 77 three-vibrating bureaus.”Dragon King” Jinbreier can’t find a good ball in the playoffs, all rely on a bombing of the ballFourth: Boston Red Shot Team Craig – Craig Kimbrel’s Bulletin, 7 votesTerminator often rapids quickly, Jinbreier is no exception, his straight or even a vote, but let the “scorpion king” in the 9th game is very dominated by the 90 miles, will go down Bomb finger ball. This bullet has created 55.6% of the spell rate in 2018, and 61 shots are only 5 security, and the hits are 0.082.The Ben Zobrist said: “His curling and straight ball are a fatal combination, my stick can touch the ball, but I don’t know how to play.”Fifth place: Tampa Bay, Brake Snell, 6 votesSai Yang’s winner Snell’s ball speed is around 80 miles, which seems to be the old-fashioned curling, but the sharpener of the player. Snell shot 93 three vibrators in 145, almost half of the curves, made the players to fall. Bluebird Cartler Luke – Milly (Luke Maile) believes that the cause of the speech is mainly very strong in Snell’s speed, while the ball and speed spokes are very similar to this.If Hicks said that he has a surface, the fastest kickball, no one will opposeSixth: St. Louis Red Champion Jordan Hicks’s stretch card, get 6 votesIn recent years, the big alliance pitcher has reached 100 miles. It is no big news. In Hicks’s rookie year, the average ball speed of his stretch card has been as high as 100.4 mi / h, and it is a great pendant, and the pitching action can be said to be quite horrible. In 2018, the fastest 25 goal is 19 goals from Hicks, the fastest, even reaches 105.1 mi, can’t help but remember Chapman with “fireball men”.The wineman’s toolman Ernan Perez shocked: “I have seen 103 miles of straight balls, but I have never seen the same fast stretch card.Hao Demu has sprung up last year, and he dares to fight with straight and opponents.Seventh place: Milwaukee Brewebet Josh Hader’s Big Down, 5 votesHead’s straight ball with a slogan of 46.7%, this is the fourth record in history. Although the average ball speed of 94.5 miles is not fast, the player faces only 0.130 hits in Head.White Six Suits JACE FRY joke and said: “Hundred percent of Black Germany is in the straight ball, as if he wants to three vibrates the whole world.” Fle is right, in fact, Black Germany The speed of the speed accounted for 77.2% of the total, and the player always has no power to the way of black.BRIAN DUENSING is deeply experienced: “I have seen a video of several important angles. When he picked the ball, it will reverse the entire back, almost see the last name on the jersey. And his hair will float. Any extra small movements will make the players distract. “Eighth place: Washington National Team Max Scherzer’s Slote, 4 votesIf Xie Zer will only cast a ball, then his ranking will rely on some, just like this, there is no way to get three race. Xie Zel has been studying in his career. He introduced a new Carter ball last year, and increased the proportion of change balls, and the changing ball also won two ballot. But this time the ticket is higher is to help Xie Zer get a bulp of 2017.The guerrilla of the cavalry Elvis Andrew said: “You can’t see the ball’s rotation, this is the most difficult ball I have ever seen in the ten years of my career.”In fact, the rule of this propeller fell in 2017, but 0.195’s hit rate is still very effective.Ninth Name: New York Most Team Jacob Degrom (Jacob Degrom), 4 votesAlthough the metropolis will be terrible, De Grom is also awarded the national league. His scorpion won a vote. Double City rescue pitcher Trevor Hildenberger is gave all of his spheres.De Grom has said that the short hair will speed up the ball speed, and the facts prove that he is right, his spherical speed rises from an average of 95.2 mile to 96 miles. And he got the tips of the competition award turned out to be average 2362 speed.His teammate Michael Conforto is full of praise: “His ball is floating. Not a few pitcher can cast this kind of ball, let alone he can make 99 miles “Tenth: Colorado Sylge Adam – Ottavino, 3 votesIt is another example of a very difficult to distinguish between specific spheres. Otvino’s scorpion and stretch cards look very similar, from the direction of the hand, his scorpion is going to the leftstrans. Another important reason why he was successful in 2018 was that he created a Carter ball, which was his work with a high-speed camera and continued to be polished through several snapshots.The priest team arrested Ostdom Herches said: “He

used three kinds of balls to deal with the player. When he grabbed the ball with a straight ball, it was impeccable.”