In the past, the enemy today called the brothers AB and the evils of the villain.

Nfl is to kill the pig knife, black fungus, soft banana, it makes absolute deaths began to call brothers. One is the league’s number one big evil person Feng Taiz – Bellevate, one is the League number one big thorns, Antonio-Brown, the two grievances have been previously, but in this year’s break, I came to the Auckland raid. Perhaps it is to make people, they are originally dead, but they have to fight side by side.

Brown sent a selfie in Instagram, and the photo of Biephik was behind Brown, he also wrote: “In the past, I have to be careful after someone attack, now I can complete my back.” And Buffett also replied: “The same team, the same dream, take a ring together!” I have seen that the two have been free, and the social media has joked, and the outside is worried. They will be in training. The field is playing and does not happen.

Line Weibikte and External Hands have been effectively effective in the Sinnati Tiger and Pittsburgh Steelman. As the dead enemy of the United States, the two teams have dedicated some fairly rough games. Baked is a bad player. His competition is very rude. In the 2015 season, he handled Levian-Bell. Brown has also been in his hand, a helmet in the 2016 season. Helling, leading to the brown brain, and Bakedt also banned three games. In the 2017 season, Brown’s little brother Zhu Zhu-Sment Schuttel, a malicious collision made Bakelet could not stand up, Brown is awkward in the social media, saying that the report should be finally turned to you.

If you make a paragraph of Bellevate’s most dirty impact, it may be the most fierce impact on Brown, you can even say that the impact of Brown injury caused the steel man to lose the championship. Of course, this is all past, and now the two are like a pair of parent bones. It seems that there is a sentence, there is no eternal friend, and there is no eternal enemy, only eternal interests. Brown is overlying the old man’s steel man with the old east. He also torn with Zhu Zhu’s face and regeneration, but in the new east and the enemy of Bird smile.

Just came to the team, Buffett also took the initiative to show Brown, “he is a great player. He will enter the celebrities in the next day.” Bakedite said: “I will say hello to him with him. I have made all the friendly moves, there is no unpleasant thing. We are in the same team. We strive to win the champion here. Maybe we will become the closest friends in the team, do you understand what I mean? Therefore, the past has passed, I can’t wait to see him. “

“The same team, the same dream, take a ring together!” It turns out that many years of death can also make a quick repair relationship in order to make interests. When I was reported, I was not suggenerated, and the two watched this. Now, you are my brother, forgetting everything that is unhappy, and brothers win the super bowl of championship together.