In the history of NBA, the highest shortest fattest star do you know who?

Who is a king in the history of NBA, it is estimated that many people know that it is Jabal, who has historical “ring king”, it is estimated that many people know that Russel, then ask who is the cap
king, it is estimated that someone knows Olagu, If you are a senior fans, you are estimated to know. But if you ask you, NBA history, the highest, most short, the fattest, the most thin star is who, this does not check the information, it is estimated that you really don’t know. Today, Xiaobian will give you a science, let everyone know about these 4 people.

Supreme Star – Manute Poal and Murretus

This location is shared by two people. They are Bol and Murretus. The two people are 2 meters 31.2 meters 31 in the basket advantage is too obvious. Unfortunately, the two people are general, and the offensive and rebounds are also general. In addition to the cover is basically no
existence. They just have been remembered because they are highly remembered, to say strength, even the general stars can’t.

The most short star – Bogus

1 meters 61 is short in ordinary people, if I say this high energy hit NBA, you must feel that I am crazy. But in fact, some people did it, “bug” Bogus played NBA. His key is also played for 14 seasons, average 7.7 points of 7.6 assists, and there are still more than 10 times in the single game season. His assists is excellent, the ball is more top, so the short son can be based on NBA, which is already a miracle.

Fastest Star – Oliver Miller

Seeing this, it is estimated that you will think of O’Neill, after all, he is Omperi. O’Neill is indeed heavy, but it is definitely not the heaviest. In front of Oliver Miller, he even “thin”. Oliver Miller enters the league of 300 pounds. Later, because of self-discipline, the weight is watching, and finally, 340 pounds are completely can’t be moved, this has to leave alliance in advance.

The most thin star – Muru

The highest is Boer, the slimming is also him. He is 2 meters 31 height, at least 240 pounds are rational, and the results are only 180 pounds. This body is highly equipped with height, that is really too thin, no wonder that the fans are called “big bamboo poles”. I feel that my opponent can’t bear to hit him, and I may be injured in a slight force. He didn’t fight in the basket, except that the cap, but it is said that it is a place!