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2021-11-12 09:28

Teacher zero foundation, student zero foundation, a rural middle school football team was established for 7 years, but seven times in Ningxiang City –

“Rushing out of Ningxiang” football dream

Hunan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Mans

Correspondent Chen Shangwen

(The published in “Hunan Daily” November 12th 13th Edition)

Lift your legs, force, shoot, and finally fall into the goal! With the whistle of the referee, Ningxiang City Experimental Middle School was obtained in the 2021st “seven consecutive championship” in the advantages of 4 to 1.

On November 11th, the football teenager who just won the game began a new round of training. On the green field, under the leader Yang Yue, the sweaty players shouted in the heart: “Rush out of Ningxiang!”

This is not just the expectation of the player, but also the dream of the team coach Yang Xinrong.

With the rise of campus football, in 2015, Ningxiang City Experimental Middle School is determined to form a football team. But as a rural school, the teacher’s zero foundation, the student zero foundation, the hardware facilities can not keep up. At this time, Yang Xinrong, as a physical teacher, took the initiative.

With coaches, no students, Yang Xinrong had to “stay in the rabbit”. Whenever some students walk into the playground with football, he is observed. Once there is a conditional student, you will go forward and convince him to join the team.

“Most of the students are cultural students. The students agree. Teachers still don’t have to agree. I had to borrow people from the class teacher. I finally got 12 players.” Yang Xinrong recalled that when the team members were all in Ningxiang, 2015 The primary and secondary school students’ football competition is only more than 2 months. At that time, there were 9 teams in high school groups, most of which have been formed for many years, and even have a professional athlete with teams.

I have a distraction, Yang Xinrong took the team to work hard. In order not to affect the cultural courses of the players, the team only trained for about 1 hour per day. Yang Xinrong is clear, and it is very difficult to improve the strength in a short time. He chooses to focus on the tactical literacy and discipline of players to fight for victory.

What is surprising is that such a team, sprinting in the game, defeating the seed player, and won the champion. This is the first sports competition champion received in the history of high and middle schools in Ningxiang City Experimental Middle School, so that the teachers and students of the whole school have been excited.

In the second year, the third year, the fourth year … With a tenacious style, the team won the championship, and the students’ interest in football has also been high. In 2016, Ningxiang City Experimental Middle School became a national teen campus football character.

Yang Xinrong realized that if the player can’t find the way, the team is difficult to have a long-term development. Under him, in 2018, Ningxiang Experimental Middle School was started to recruit football special students. The following year, the high school began to recruit football special students. More and more students entered high school through football, admitted to college and participated in work.

“There is a student called Zhao Sheng, the first team of the team. After winning the game, he was determined to apply for sports Lionel messi Jersey majors. Now it is a football C-class trainer. I know that the school is only a coach, and often often Come back to help me with the team. “Yang Xinrong introduced that compared with some urban schools, the facts of investment, the strength is difficult to ignore,” but rushing out of Ningxiang, go to a bigger stand, is the dream we will not give up ! “

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